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The 2021 Business for Peace Spotlight Series: Rethinking Systems of Decent Work!

Each May, Business for Peace hosts its annual Summit, including the pinnacle Business for Peace Award Ceremony. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we postponed our 2020 Summit and decided to host an exciting new digital event series as a scaled down version of our usual events. In line with our vision to recognise, inspire and accelerate “businessworthy” leadership, we will continue to host valuable, impactful discussions about current global issues affecting sustainability and ethical business leadership.

Prior to the pandemic, a portion of the global population already within the hidden workforce” struggled to find stable employment with decent working conditions. According to the Harvard Business Review, the hidden workforce includes individuals with employable skills who are unable to make it into the workforce, for example, immigrants and refugees, the formerly incarcerated, veterans, seniors, caregivers, and people with disabilities. These groups have been largely neglected in government policies and business hiring practices. Without social safety nets, they have been pushed deeper into poverty and social exclusion due to the challenges presented by the current pandemic.
Join this event for a lively talk on removing barriers that marginalize hidden workers and creating meaningful space for them in the labour market.

Date & TimeMay 27th
06:00 PM – 07:00 PM +07
TitleThe 2021 Business for Peace Spotlight Series: Rethinking Systems of Decent Work!
AgendaThis panel will address:
– Policy measures for integrating these groups in the job market
– Business initiatives to make it easier for these groups to enter the labour market
– Removing barriers and stereotypes around these groups
– Securing the digital identities of refugees
ModeratorKnut Andersen, Global Livelihoods Manager, Norwegian Refugee Council
SpeakersCarlos Moreira, Secretary General, The OISTE Foundation
Alexander Betts, Professor of Forced Migration, University of Oxford
Sarah Beydoun, Founder & CEO, Sarah’s Bags