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WISeID Identity Platform

The Digital Identity for people, powerful and easy to use


The foundations of Trust

Trusted online interactions are based on trust, and trust can only be achieved when the parties interacting can be sure of the identity of the counterpart, and that the communications can’t be eavesdropped or manipulated.

For this solution to be effective, it’s required to use the right technology solutions for:

  • Managing easily and securely the digital certificates and keys. Administrators and end users must have the right tools to issue, renew and revoke identities
  • Software solutions to leverage the digital certificates for strong authentication, digital signatures and encryption


Unified personal security

WISeID combines in a unified solution:

  • The “WISeID Account”, a digital identity bringing a unique credential that can be used to access to WISeKey’s and affiliated services
  • A Digital Certificate, that enables strong authentication and digital signature. Can be also used to protect your email
  • A Personal Encrypted Vault, where the user can store securely confidential information
  • A suite of web services and Mobile Applications, that enable advanced features as strong authentication and document signature
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WISeID for Business and Customer engagement

Companies can benefit of our WISeID platform and integrate it with the corporate applications for:

  • Secure interactions for employees and customers (email, file encryption)
  • Implement Single-Sign-On for the internal and external websites
  • Enable document signature for corporate documents or customer contracts
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WISeID Identities are Trusted Identities

The Digital Identities linked to the WISeID accounts are standard Digital Certificates based on PKI technology and issued by WISeKey’s globally trusted Certification Authorities. This means that these digital identities will be automatically accepted by any software application, for uses like document signature, email protection, etc.

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