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Financial Reports

WISeKey Securing the Web 3.0

WISeKey IoT, Semiconductors and NFT are entering a new cycle of growth that make the world safer, connected and contribute to sustainability

WISeKey securing the 4th Industrial
Revolution with Trust, Cybersecurity,
AI, Automation and IoT

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

AIoT integrates semiconductors, smart sensors, IoT systems, Artificial Intelligence and a data cloud to deliver to customers
a unique offering to power innovation and digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence

The WISeKey Foresight Platform gives customers a simple way to embrace
all of these 4IR technologies developed by WISeKey without compromising
Trust and Security which is the DNA of the compa


At The Center Of Gravity Of The Internet

The vertical cybersecurity platform

Digital Identity, Access Control, Root of Trust Electronic Transaction, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence

Innovative online trust solutions to

Object and business applications protect people