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WISeKey ‘s security solutions are widely used in the banking and financial sector. Clients use our solutions to: secure authentication of users to systems and databases, encrypt email messages, encrypt data and documents, apply digital signatures to documents and messages, archive and timestamp emails and contracts, secure messages between systems, secure payment transaction and online commerce, protect passwords and logons, encrypt voice communications, and more.

Discover the full range of solutions for banking and finance in the attached presentation.

WISeKey is a global player in the Electronic Identity arena and Internet Banking and Financial environments require an strong and unique identity for all participants in a business process (people, machines and applications), in order to make an on-line transaction secure and trusted.

Our proposal for Financial Institutions:

  • eBanking Mobile App
  • Voice Communication Encryption 

While information security has been a key concern since the proliferation of computer networks, the increased levels of concern have prompted organizations such as the private banks to devote more resources and request assistance from security firms such as WISeKey to combat this threat. Investment in eSecurity impacts directly in the reduction of operational risks, and therefore has much stronger implications (compliance, improvement in the public image…) than any other investment in regular IT technologies.

WISeID eBanking Mobile App

WISeID is an innovative solution from WISekey for mobile identity and information security. Using the WISeID applications (available for most smartphones and desktop environments) users can:

  • Generate and use a digital identity
  • Access to customized services using their Id
  • Protect the information stored and communicated using his smartphone

WISeID eBanking edition is provided as a customized WISeID App for Finance organizations that want to interact more securely and efficient with users and clients.

WISeKey implements multiple security features that can be used in eBanking environments: it provides a “Secure vault” of confidential data in the smartphone, with synchronization in a “Personal Cloud” storage. This allows storing username/password to access securely on-line services
WISeID can also be used as a “Remote Signature & Authentication Device”: The user can use the App as a “Second Authentication Factor” to protect his access to an on-line service and/or digitally sign any document, even when navigating in a webpage or operating in an ATM.

Secure voice communications

There is a growing need to protect voice communications. Information assets such as industrial secrets, intellectual property, strategies, and financial operations must be secured not only when transmitted in the form of documents, but also when the information is communicated in telephone conversations. ( The only effective solution is to encrypt voice traffic on public networks to avoid the possibility of eavesdropping, interception, or hacking.
In Finances and Insurance environments, the capability to conduct secure voice calls during delicate negotiations can make a difference for a customer when selecting his financial partner.
WISePhone offers strong security designed to protect your mobile workforce. It is simple to get started, and will work with the smartphones your team is already using. Our secure voice technology is proven, strong, and flexible.