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IoT sensor deployments are limited today by the restrictions of terrestial networks.
IoT ecosystems face the challenge of security and data privacy.​
WISeSat is the first cost effective and secure IoT connectivity solution anywhere on Earth using picosatellites and low-power sensors. Its aim is to answer the needs of any large IoT deployment in AgTech, Energy, Logistics and more.

Why ?

  • Connect anywhere and everywhere on Earth.
  • Cost competitive even compared to traditional ground-based solutions.
  • FIPS 140.3 & CC EAL4+ security for devices, data & transmission.
  • Backward compatibility for “brown-field” deployment on existing ecosystems.
  • Sameless integration into ecosystems already using ground-based connectivity.
  • Customized and scalable.

Trustworthy interactions within the IoT system

Interactions between sensors, gateways, ground stations and satellites require Trust. Trust is built by applying following guidelines:

  • How do we know who we are talking to?
  • Are the devices allowed to communicate?
  • How do we prevent others from listening in?
  • How do we make sure what was sent was received?

WISeSAT incorporates those requirements (Certificate-based Authentication (PKI), Authorization, Encryption and Integrity) by using various keys and cryptographic mechanisms (symmetric and asymmetric) and by protecting them with Secure Elements.

use cases and applications

The Industrial Internet of Things is the key element of the fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0), which is based on a network of a multitude of industrial devices connected by communications technologies

Make the best decisions and achieve greater efficiency and sustainability in energy supply with IoT communication

In agriculture, the IoT (Internet of Things) helps farmers monitor their crops and manage them efficiently by remotely sensing data and crop parameters, using sensors.

WISeKey announced its IoT Picosatellites WISeSat-1 and WISeSat-2 are tested and ready to launch onboard of SpaceX Falcon 9 in January 2022

These satellites, with a mass less than 1 kg, have successfully passed all testing campaigns and will be launched early next year as part of the SpaceX Transporter 3 Rideshare mission riding aboard of a Falcon 9 vehicle

Satellite-Based NFT Ecosystem Launches
on SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket

IoT firm WISeKey is launching the first part of a non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in June 2021.