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WISeKey SA announces the launch of TrustECoin token to drive secure trade of luxury collectibles and artwork on WISe.ART marketplace in cooperation with CasperLabs and Ocean Protocol 

 WISeKey International Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: WKEY; SIX: WIHN), a leading cybersecurity, IoT, and AI platform company, today announced the completion of its technology stack for making WISe.ART available as a platform to build white-label marketplaces for different luxury collectibles and artwork. Part of this technology stack is the storage of the digital twins created as NFTs on the CasperLabs chain and using Ocean Protocol’s marketplace technology to enable the trading of these NFTs. 

To ensure KYC that still allows anonymity and the necessary exclusivity, all marketplaces created under the WISe.ART platform will allow the trading of NFTs with TrustECoin token which will be launched in May by WISeKey. 

WISeKey’s offering will allow brands, artists, fans, curators, owners, potential customers and liquidity providers investing in digital assets, to interact and grow on a secure, digital and scalable platform, thoroughly trace provenance, diminish counterfeiting on the digital sphere and integrate physical chip technology into real objects. Hence, WISeKey provides highly secure integration of the physical objects and their digital twins coined in NFTs. 

WISeKey is following a multichain strategy for its WISe.ART platform through a partnership with CasperLabs and Ocean Protocol. CasperLabs’ incredible expertise on the crypto market and Ocean Protocol’s outstanding solution for Initial Data Market Offerings make them ideal partners to reinforce WISeKey’s unique position and for launching of its TrustECoin token. 

For more than two decades, WISeKey has been a pioneer in the area of security and object authentication technology. WISeKey’s NFT platform for creating, marketing and selling NFTs as digital twins for high-end luxury collectibles and artwork, links the NFTs to actual physical art or collectibles, attaches digital rights and creates true value for collectors, artists, brands, etc. in the luxury collectibles and art market.  The marketplace created will work with WISeKey’s own token which has all necessary functions for preventing fraud, managing digital rights and KYC for anti-money laundering while securing the privacy of any collector or owner. (Modafinil)