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The Internet of Things is convenient but it’s also riddled with risks, we’d like to fix that.

As the intelligence of devices on the edge
increases, so does the attack surface.

The expanding of Internet of Things (IoT) is convenient and allows the implementation of many disruptive applications with an increase risk of cyberattacks. Hackers can easily and remotely take control of devices, intercept and manipulate data, tamper with routers and servers and take control of applications.

IoT security infography: vulnerabilities of an IoT ecosystem - Need for end-to-end consistent digital security

WISeKey provides complete protection
that scales from Device-to-Cloud

WISeKey’s suites of hardware and software products create secure connections from the edge, where sensors and connected devices are creating data, all of the way through to the cloud, where decisions are being made on that data.

IoT security infography: IoT ecosystem secured by WISeKey's digital security


The VaultIC® security module is a complete cryptographic toolbox that makes straightforward the integration of digital security in any device.

It is based on a security certified microcontroller to protect keys, data and assets. This is the core of WISeKey’s IoT security value proposition.

Essentials for Connected Trust

Using WISeKey IoT Microchips to build the trusted devices powering the 4th industrial revolution.


A unique ID (UID) is created and securely stored on the Secure Element chip

VaultIC secure element in a package receiving a robust digital identity


The WISeKey IOT platform securely installs certificates on the Secure Element

VaultIC secure element in a package integrated in a PKI architecture


The Secure Element becomes the digital vault for the connected device

VaultIC secure element in a package protecting a connected device
From cold chain monitoring to secure assets tracking, including factory automation and healthcare: various use cases of industrial BLE beacon secured by VaultIC secure element


When the VaultIC secure element is used in a Bluetooth Low Energy industrial beacon, this allows a seamless end-to-end digital security from plant-to-cloud. This is our contribution to Industry 4.0


WISeKey’s integrated suite of hardware, software, and services creates trusted connectivity from Chip-to-Cloud.

IoT security global architecture: Chip-to-Cloud consistent digital security based on VaultIC secure element
Illustration of Sigfox iot network secured by VaultIC secure element

Sigfox Certified Security by VaultIC184

Perfect integration of WISeKey’s security expertise for decades into Sigfox’s IoT Private Area Network, the VaultIC184 provides the connected device makers with a solution to secure sensitive data in a seamless way. 

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