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Secure Data Generation & Injection

A unique comprehensive service for secured data generation and injection


Secure data generation and injection into secure elements is at the heart of many connected systems such as Internet of Things, anticounterfeiting or traceability of goods.

VaultiTrust takes advantage of our government grade security certified premises and end-to-end digital security management to generate keys and efficiently install them into chips via our convenient and secure web portal.


WISeKey operates FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to efficiently generate secure data.

These HSM are located in a WISeKey Common Criteria EAL5+ and ISO27001 certified backed up data center. Upon customer’s specifications, the HSM can be dedicated or shared.



WISeKey enhances the security and efficiency of any connected system by offering the provisioning of secure elements as a service. Once generated by WISeKey or its customers, personalization data are entered into VaultiTrust secure web portal. They can then be individually injected into the chips either at wafer level or in package. This is all managed in a Common Criteria EAL5+ and ISO27001 certified manufacturing environment.

The secure web portal gives customers a way to completely configure and track their chips manufacturing.


When applicable, VaultiTrust secure data generation fully supports the PKI certificate signature by a Certificate Authority (CA), allowing this PKI specific trust hierarchy.

To make this flexible, WISeKey has defined various trust configurations involving various CA levels. As a trust partner, WISeKey can operate this CA. As a service, WISeKey can also help its customers to operate their own private CA and define their own PKI architecture.