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Government Trust Solutions


Trusted Identities for Citizens and Civil Servants

The CertifyID Trust Center Platform is an industrial class Citizen eID management solution that manages users, and their credentials especially digital ids and digital certificates for large scale applications such as nationwide e-government services. It is a complete industrial Public Key Infrastructure, and ID management solution that supports 24×7 government services. (

The CertifyID Trust Center Platform is used in a range of government and public sector applications such as:

  • National ID Card
  • ePassport (ICAO Compliant)
  • Drivers Permit
  • Health
  • Electoral / Voting

Built using WISeKey’s expertise security frameworks and public key infrastructures (PKI), the CertifyID platform can be fully integrated into e-government frameworks, commercial frameworks such as Qualified Certificate Service Providers, and integrated with a nation’s e-government services delivery framework. The solution encompasses all the essential certificate management attributes and functions, including:

  • Online and offline enrollment
  • Online and offline identity verification
  • Centralised and Decentralised management
  • Multi-tier architecture
  • Secure management of the digital certificate lifecycle
  • Bulk Card Issuance and Management subsystem integration
  • Fault tolerance, high availability, and disaster recovery


A unique Trust Model

The OISTE Foundation owns and regulates the OISTE GLOBAL TRUST MODEL, which includes as “Root of Trust” a number of ROOT CERTIFICATION AUTHORITIES, globally recognized. OISTE delegates on the Swiss company WISeKey SA the operation of the systems and infrastructures supporting the Trust Model. OISTE doesn’t issue certificates to end subscribers, but grants to WISeKey a license as Operator of the Trust Model and Subordinate Certification Authority, allowing the delivery of Trust Services for Persons, Applications and Objects.

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PKI is much more than just technology

A typical PKI project is likely to be more complex than previous experience of typical IT projects may suggest. As well as project management, technical and operational aspects, there are many policy, legal and security issues which must not be neglected.

By following a structured methodology based on practical experience, many of the potential traps and pitfalls can be avoided. The risks to the business and the project are reduced and those that remain are quantified at an early stage. It has been our experience that the major cost of a PKI lies not in the technology but in the services needed to implement the solution. There is a need to ensure that the benefits from this investment are realized in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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