WISeKey Calls for the Creation of a New Protocol for Secure Electronic Transactions at the Blockchain Revolution Global Event in Toronto, Canada

Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey International Holding Ltd (WIHN.SW) (“WISeKey”), a Swiss based cybersecurity, IoT and blockchain company, discussed at the Blockchain Revolution Global event in Toronto the need to establish a new Trust Protocol for the Internet combining traditional Cryptographic Trust Models with blockchain global distributed ledgers creating a new Global Trust Platform for Secure Electronic Transactions under the umbrella of the International Organization for Secure Electric Transactions, OISTE.ORG.

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managing the future of humanity and technology towards the 4th industrial revolution

protect your privacy on the move by securing your mobile phone communications, data, make and receive payments assess your bank accounts & more

ensure the authenticity of goods, both online and physically, at any moment, from the supply chain to the end user and beyond

providing cryptogaphic root of Trust to IoT providers and chipmakers to bring security to the connected devices

Wisekey secures connected cars

WISeKey ISTANA Securing Connected Cars against cyber-attacks already deployed with several leading EU Manufacturers and Set to Entry the Chinese Market in Q4 2018. Learn more

Solutions for Digital Brand Protection

Counterfeiting is a rampant and growing problem—currently the estimated worldwide market value of counterfeit goods exceeds $650 billion dollars. The fraudulent sale of ... Learn more

Security Solutions for Financial Institutions

WISeKey's security solutions are widely used in the banking and financial sector. Clients use our solutions to: secure authentication of users to systems and databases, ... Learn more

Mobile Solutions

WISeKey's WISeID offers a secured storage to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Protecting your PII is important to avoid impersonation and identity thef... Learn more

WISeTalk Secure

The WISePhone native Wallet will provide users with contactless access to their private key, allowing them to make contactless transactions and cryptocurrency payments u... Learn more

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Transhumancode Book

The Transhuman code book: the greatest technology on the planet is the human

The TransHuman Code Book to be pre-launched at Davos during the TransHuman Code Event. This is a book about a simple truth. But not just any simple truth. This is a truth on which the world’s future hinges. If you and enough other people embrace it, we will have a real shot at ending global plagues like cancer, hunger, poverty and sickness. Innovation will flourish. Democracy will lead. Compassion will reach further. The simple truth is this: the greatest technology on the planet is the human.

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