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Brand Protection

A set of anti-counterfeiting and customer engagement combined solutions


Brand protection: Wine bottle authentication with NanoSealRT and NFC phone

There are many threats to the makers of luxury goods, licensed sports apparel, wines & spirits, printer ink cartridges, batteries or other valuable products. Counterfeit goods rob them of legitimate profit. Counterfeit products also often lead to bad user experience, damages and even potential health issues Tracking and tracing products through the supply chain is extremely complex and even if their authentic goods make it to their retail locations safe, they still need to find unique ways to engage the end-customer and win their business. So far, the choices have been to protect goods with one technology and attract customers with another disconnected one.


WISeKey introduces the concept of Authentic Customer Engagement, the combination of digital brand protection with simple to use consumer engagement options that help brands defend their reputation and create new avenues for connecting with their customers in a single platform through Near Field Communication (NFC) or other channels. Reputation depends on authenticity. WISeKey has designed dedicated combinations of hardware, software and services to serve brands and protect customers. WISeKey helps create and maintain positive brand equity.

Brand protection & customer engagement with NFC technology for positive brand equity


Protecting brand equity and revenue while creating new connections with end customers

Powertools brand protection & customer safety for positive brand equity


When authenticity means security and reputation, WISeBattery helps secure the corporate bottom line.

Printers brand protection & customer safety for positive brand equity


WISePrint is the anti-counterfeiting solution that protects customers and printer makers.