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Testimonials about WISeKey

In 2015 “Since its initial introduction in 2013, the WISfans© ORACLE TEAM USA app has generated a great deal of traffic and buzz, in addition to providing fans with a ‘go-to’ platform to follow ORACLE TEAM USA’s action throughout the America’s Cup racing and beyond with 24/7 fan engagement” said Grant Simmer, General Manager of ORACLE TEAM USA.

In 2013 “We are pleased to join forces with WISeKey to build fan engagement through mobile platforms,” said Grant Simmer. “The app creates a unique fan experience and a stronger community through an easy link to the team’s online content. As technology is a driving force in our respective fields, developing an engaging digital destination is a natural outcome for Oracle Team USA and WISeKey”.

Grant Simmer General Manager of ORACLE TEAM USA

In this global world where everything happens by smartphone, FC Barcelona has made a firm commitment to approach their followers through their device via FCB Connect. Initiatives such as this allow the fans, wherever they are, to take their club in their pocket”

Dídac LeeBoard Member and Director, FC Barcelona Technology

The joint venture will provide WISeKey with a platform to expand its successfully branded products to the Latin America and Iberia markets in a consolidated approach integrating with local technologies and services and offering the solutions to regional clients. WISeKey’s partnership with GJC leverages both firms’ strengths and will enable us to expand eSecurity services much faster and more efficiently across the region, substantially increasing revenues and profitability.

Cristiano Camara – CEO of GJC

Although WISeAuthentic was primarily developed as a tool against fake watches, it is far more wide-ranging than that – as well as containing information about warranty and servicing, it should also prevent any parallel trading as the details of anyone who retails the watch will be stored. Our system will provide access to a private club and tailor made concierge, rental car and hotel booking services

Ion Schiau International Retail Manager, Hublot

As Wisekey is currently extending its footprint to the US market, I am looking forward to assist WISeKey and being part of the continued success of the company by bringing my experience to the Advisory Committee

Robert WolfFounder and Chief Executive Officer of 32 Advisors

Qwant is delighted to partner with WISeKey in order to deliver enhanced information and search capabilities in a secure environment to millions of fans around the world

Jean-Manuel Rozan President of QWANT SAS

BOCO and WISeKey will establish a Cloud for China targeting potential WISeID communities with the guarantee that their data will remain in the country.

Ren Zhijun BOCO Inter-Telecom President

As you develop a luxury brand, as I did for all these years, protection of that brand becomes strategically important: I have been supervising some of the world’s most prestigious luxury and consumer brands for more than 20 years, and now I have the pleasure to bring part of this experience to the WISeKey Advisory Committee.

Philippe Pascal President And Chief Executive Officer of Lvmh Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

AIM International

We are very happy to report progress on this important project that will ultimately provide a new dimension to the work of the Hassan II Foundation.

Omar Azziman Executive President of the Foundation

The SPM is a powerful tool designed by AIM and its partners for many countries. Its purpose is to advance AIM’s vision of an open, efficient, fair and sustainable system of human mobility worldwide. Nothing like the SPM now exists.

Brunson McKinley AIM Co-Chair


We are delighted to welcome back WISeKey as a sponsor of Alinghi for the 33rd America’s Cup. As a team we need to share and access confidential information, such as design data, and security is paramount in our campaign to try and win the America’s Cup again. Our partnership with WISeKey will ensure that we have the optimum protection.

Ernesto Bertarelli – Alinghi team president

In Biscay, we look forward to a future where the benefits of the WISeKey and Microsoft CSP technology become increasingly accessible to all citizens, allowing them to securely interact with and make use of government services.

Jose Luis Bilbao Biscay President


In the watch industry we are seeing a significant increase in counterfeit goods,” said Jean-Claude Biver. “It was imperative for us as a company to find a way to not only protect our watches but also those who were purchasing them. WISeKey has a strong track record in security and authentication and when looking for a partner to help us in the fight against counterfeiting we knew WISeKey was the right choice for us. We expect that this technology will become the standard on this industry.

Jean-Claude Biver – Hublot’s CEO

Every year, more than 40 million Swiss counterfeit watches enter the market compared to 26 million genuine watches,” said Jean-Daniel Pasche. “This is a significant number that costs the Swiss watch industry, on a global basis, approximately 700 million to 800 million dollars (US). We are pleased to see companies are taking this issue seriously and creating solutions that will get us closer to stop counterfeiting.

Jean-Daniel Pasche President, Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry

Being a jeweler we always been have obsessed by security. So from that jewelry obsession for security we came to the conclusion that the ultimate benefit for our consumer in his daily life was beside having a beautiful object on his wrist, a true Swiss watch, to have also the ultimate data protection which no one never thought about.

Jean-Christophe BabinCEO of Bulgari

Malaga Valley

This initiative is an evolution of the agreement signed during the TELECOM’99 ITU in Geneva in November 1999, based on a partnership between WISeKey and the ITU to establish certification authorities in developing countries. Thanks to OISTE and WISeKey, 198 member countries of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) understand the need for a global PKI structure under a shared common ROOT as it has been developed for OISTE and operated by WISeKey.

Philippe Doubre President of OISTE

The creation of a Euro-African Hub will give a clear and effective answer to all cooperation activities between African and European countries. Technology will allow us to build that sort of bridges that will contribute to the development of Africa by bringing knowledge to people, and thus by an initiative leaded also by Civil Society, where the Asociacion de Usuarios de Internet (AUI) is proud of being a protagonist in this project.

Miguel Perez Subias President of AUI and promoter of the HUB

Malagais proud to support this ambitious initiative in our goal to be a European reference on new technologies and Information Society.

Francisco de la Torre Mayor of Malaga

This project will allow the enhancement and promotion of innovative means for financing digital solidarity in the Mediterranean space,” said Alain Clerc, Secretary-General of the FSN.

Alain ClercSecretary-General of the FSN

This is an excellent initiative for the city of Malaga to become the technological capital of the Mediterranean.

Javier CremadesPresident of the Malaga Valley Club


My 5-1/2 years with Microsoft was a super experience. We were able to build upon solid defense and public safety businesses in the US, UK and elsewhere to truly go global, emphasizing Partner-built solutions on the Microsoft platform. I have a deep focus on public sector security and I think it is fantastic to transition to serve these customers as part of the expanding WISeKey team.

Tim Bloechl Former Managing Director, Worldwide Public Safety and National Security

Microsoft has long recognized the responsibility to enable access to technology in ways that help people realize theifull potential,” Michel Van der Bel said. “We are working closely with partners like WISeKey with governments around the world on progressing technology policy issues and providing technology solutions that address the unique IT needs of governments, educators and non-profit organization.

Michel Van der BelVice President Public Sector of Microsoft International

We are very pleased to be asociated with this exciting initiative. We look forward to developing our relationship with WiseKey and their leading identity technologies.

Gordon Mckenzie Microsoft’s Director of Local and Regional Government for Microsoft