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Trust Services

A full range of managed cloud services to enable digital identities for persons, applications and objects


A holistic approach to information security

Thanks to its combined capability to provide authenticity, integrity and confidentiality with a single and integrated technology approach, Public-key cryptography is consolidated as the foundation for online commerce and other applications that require security and authentication in an open network.


Enterprise-grade PKI products to manage from hundreds to millions of certificates

The widespread use of public-key cryptography to implement secure digital identity solutions, in form of Digital Certificates, requires a public-key infrastructure to publish and manage those Digital Certificates and the associated Keys.

WISeKey is a leading eSecurity company, with 20 years of experience in information security and trusted digital identities. Acting as both a PKI technology supplier and a Trusted Certification Authority, delivering services using our own technology ensures that our products are up-to-date with the modern customer needs and regulations for PKI.


PKI as a Service

Corporate customers not willing to implement their own PKI platform can also benefit of our trusted “PKI As A Service” (Managed PKI) services offering.

This service is built with our URA and enables:

  • Multiple Certificate Templates
  • Multi-Tenant access, isolating the data of each customer
  • Possibility to deploy dedicated CAs for the customer, or use WISeKey’s Trusted CAs
  • Possibility to deploy a fully dedicated and isolated infrastructure, not sharing any resource with other customers

Our MPKI service doesn’t require the installation of any local infrastructure, and it’s delivered from WISeKey’s owned secure datacenter in Switzerland, ensuring the privacy of your data according to the highest standards.