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Security for Printer Cartridges


Counterfeit cartridges and toners lead to bad user experience, damaged printers and potential health issues, in addition to a huge loss of revenue for printer manufacturers.

WISeKey offers a complete solution to reduce the risk of fraud and secure the business of printer manufacturers.

The WISeprint® solution includes cryptographic hardware modules and turnkey PKI – as used in high security e-passport applications – as well as services that help printer manufacturers protect their legitimate cartridges.


WISeKey is a proven provider of managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services, providing both trusted and vendor-specific Certificate Authority (CA) options tailored to the high-volume and high availability requirements of Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers.


The WISeprint® Certificate Management Service (CMS) is a software tool with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-integrate API. It manages the lifecycle of Digital Certificates stored in the tamperproof VaultIC® secure element, providing a cryptographically-protected cartridge eID.

WISeKey can provide PKI-as-a-Service or customer dedicated Cas and the  WISeKey CMS can be installed at customer premises, or outsourced to in one of WISeKey’s regional secure data centers.

As the trusted operator of the International Organization for the Security of Electronic Transaction (OISTE) Global Root, WISeKey combines highly-scalable PKI operations with Swiss neutrality, security and privacy laws.


  • Cartridge Authentication:
    • Secured Unique Digital ID
    • Tamperproof VaultIC chip
  • Digital ID life cycle management:
    • Proven PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
    • Suited to high-volume manufacturing
  • Real-time Detection of fake or black-listed cartridges
  • High speed authentication, including multi-cartridges
  • Refill detection
  • Wired or wireless interface Full integration and configuration services

WISePrint VaultIC

The VaultIC® security module embeds a complete firmware dedicated to IP protection and anti-cloning.

This firmware uses a variety of cryptographic mechanisms such as digital signature generation/verification to provide a number of protection and authentication functions.