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WISeKey Davos 2018 Blockchain, AI and Cryptocurrency Gathering

WISeKey Davos 2018 Blockchain, AI and Cryptocurrency Gathering

20h00, Wednesday January 24th, Piano Bar

Participants will receive a WISeCoin Wallet, a contactless hardware enabled wallet to offer security and ease of use for cryptocurrency users.

Get the latest updates about blockchain technology and projects globally. Connect with experts and blockchain based projects happening around the world.

The WISeKey Davos event this year is fully dedicated to Blockchain technology projects and Initial Coin Offerings. Experts in cryptocurrencies and investments will join us to reviews of case studies, communication with CEOs of leading Blockchain projects, and several formats of interaction with speakers.

The WISeKey Davos gathering will offer presentations of experts that will share practical experience and reveal several ICOs as an investment tool.

WISeKey is also introducing the WISeCoin Wallet, a contactless hardware enabled wallet designed to offer security and ease of use for cryptocurrency users.

WISeCoin Wallet provides users with contactless access to their private key and allows them to make contactless transactions and payments. WISeCoin Wallet uses a combination of Near Field Communication (“NFC”) technology with highly secured solutions provided by the WISeKey Semiconductors and is now available through the WISeWallet App. Every time a contactless Blockchain transaction is made, such as a Bitcoin transaction, the private key is fetched from the NFC Hardware storage to enable the transaction.

While the exchanges and software wallets continue to get hacked, the hardware wallets have gained popularity as they are providing the most secure solution for transaction and payments. Through the WISeCoin Wallet, hardware wallets have now become contactless and users can establish multiple private keys into the secure store using the same WISeWallet App and access these private keys while making transactions in contactless mode.

The WISeWallet App is compatible with most of the existing blockchain technologies and works as part of payment system using WISeKey Blockchain-as-a-Service (“BaaS”) technology offerings. To empower a seamless cryptocurrency enabled economy, WISeCoin is supplemented with additional highly secured WISeWallet solutions (biometrics enabled variants also available), integrated exchange platforms, NFC-based contactless payment solutions, etc. WISeKey’s objective is for WISeCoin to become an emerging powerhouse in the global cryptocurrency market by supporting the development of economies built on Blockchain technology.

In the second phase, WISeKey will release an embedded WISeWallet, an advanced hardware wallet equipped with its own security hardened operating system and with wireless functionality, able to connect with smart phones of any type, as well as desktops/laptops/iPads through Bluetooth and Wifi.

While all these security and ease of use features are very important, there has to be a proper recovery option for the wallet when the hardware storage is lost, broken or stolen. Thus, a backup copy of all private keys is stored in the military grade bunkers in the Swiss Alps with proper Hardware Security Module (HSM) and sophisticated recovery mechanisms are in place for a reliable and consistent Wallet solution.

Davos 2018

Hotel Europe
Promenade 63, 7270 Davos Platz, Switzerland

WISeKey Gathering

Wednesday January 24th
Piano Bar



CEO, The Tapscott Group Inc.

Adjunct Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Chancellor, Trent University

Cofounder of The Blockchain Research Institute


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WISeKey Davos Gatherings

From 2007 WISekey has continuously gathering exports at Davos helping to define the technology agenda for a trusted human centric Internet