The Internet of Things will only stand up to its promise if it can be trusted.

The steady development of IoT based applications goes in pace with the development of more and more sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS), ransomware, data theft and other attacks are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and dangerous, causing billion dollar losses; Man-in-the-middle attacks on video surveillance cameras are almost common ground. These are just some examples of threats faced by IoT systems.



Consequences can be heavy:

> disrupted services
> theft of intellectual property
> loss of revenue
> liability claims

> Intrusion on users’ privacy and safety
> damaged brand reputation
> job destruction
> and more..

WISeKey offers since more than 20 years tailor made security solutions for website, people, services and devices based on a scalable Public Key Infrastructure.
Our certificate Authorities, Security Brokers, management systems and tamper resistant secure microcontrollers are regularly audited and accredited with highest grade Webtrust and Common Criteria certifications.


Our framework wisekey-iot brings trust to your IoT applications by applying device authentication through the use of digital certificates and building message protection through the use of standards proven secure messaging protocols.

The digital certificate and related private key are stored in your devices with the use of the optional tamper resistant secure elements VaultIC.

The Security Broker ness connected to your IoT platform performs the authentication and validation of the messages coming from the different IoT devices and transfers only trusted messages to the background applications.



It can be easily customized to integrate IoT platforms such as IBM Watson (

ness relies upon the proven ISTANA PKI platform, the advanced solution specifically tailored to match the needs of IoT. Using state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms, the ISTANA PKI platform is designed to meet the highest standards to issue, manage and validate digital credentials for IoT, and is scalable to support environments with hundreds of millions of devices. Additionally, INeS features Entity Management (Identities, Group, Type, Role, Life Cycle, any custom attributes), Message Security Policy Management and Business Rules Management and it interfaces with both –  the Cloud infrastructure and Business Applications.

The system can be installed on customer premises, or outsourced to WISeKey and located in one of our secure data centers in Switzerland, USA, India or China.

Secure Element: VaultIC

Digital certificates and associated cryptographic assets are used to identify and authenticate devices during their entire life. Only trusted devices can connect to secure networks. Digital certificates, for instance TLS certificates, can also be used to secure communication channels from devices to gateways/routers, and from gateways/routers to servers. These cryptographic assets are securely stored in WISeKey’s VaultIC range of tamper resistant secure elements.

VaultIC is a product family, ranging from tamper resistant Integrated Circuits to software vaults, to be used as a companion to the IoT-device host processor.
VaultIC chips feature a configurable cryptographic tool box for authentication, confidentiality and integrity, executed in a secure environment.
VaultIC embeds on-chip non-volatile tamper resistant data storage capabilities for keys, certificates and customer data.

The VaultIC chips’ low-power consumption profile make them a viable solution to meet the limited power budgets of IoT devices.
VaultIC comes with middleware enabling secure boot, secure firmware update for IoT devices and secure communication (TLS).

VaultIC offers the best digital security guaranteed by independent certifications:

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3
  • Based on state of the art secure microcontrollers certified to Common Criteria EAL4+/5+


Summary data sheets

VaultIC 182

VaultIC182 is a hardware secure microcontroller with embedded firmware designed to perform secure authentication of an IoT edge device. VaultIC182 features on chip secure data storage for critical credential like private crypto keys. VaultIC182 helsp protecting IoT edge devices against attacks at IoT device level.

Read More about WISeKey’ solution by downloading VaultIC 182


VaultIC405 is a secure hardware microcontroller with embedded firmware designed to perform secure authentication, integrity and confidentiality. It can be used for secure authentication, Secure boot, secure communication between the edge device and back-end server, secure provisioning. It is a secure crypto module with on chip secure data storage for critical credential or specific customer data.

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White Papers

What is an Industrial Programmable Logic Controller (IPLC)?
Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (IPLCs) are an integral part of Automated Production Systems (APS). They are designed to produce quality products at a cheaper cost and with fewer human operations. IPLCs first appeared at the end of the 1960s to meet demands from the automotive industry for increased adaptability in their control systems.
Reduced electronic costs then made it possible to replace hard-wired logic (electromagnetic relays and pneumatic systems) by programmable logic (microprocessors).
This paved the way for the first Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers, a kind of computer adapted to the relatively constrictive world of industry: dust, humidity, temperature, vibrations, simple programming language required for user-friendly operations (implementation, troubleshooting by non-IT specialists), upgradable hardware.Read More about WISeKey’ solution by downloading Security industrial plant

The development of Internet of Things (“IoT”), based on the collection and management of large amounts of data, can only happen if data can be trusted. To achieve this, the most important security functions to secure IoT are:

  • Authentication: confirming the identity of the communication peer;
  • Secure communication: Protecting the data in transit;
  • Secure Execution of code: Protecting the data in process;
  • Secure storage: Protecting data at rest

The use of proven technologies coming from Information Technology and the security market, adapted to the IoT, offer the best solutions to secure the IoT infrastructure.
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The 18th of September, OVH, “the number 3 internet hosting company in the world” has been faced the most massive DDOS attack. It has been resolved on the 23rd of September.DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is more and more common on the internet, on the 21st of October Dyn experienced a similar attack scenario. The issue was resolved 10 hours later. Dyn is providing web site name to dynamic IP address translation. If you want to access a network from internet, you need to translate the URL into an IP address which may change from time to time. This is what Domain Name System is solving.

These attacks are the largest ones reported so far.

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