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Internet of Things

Embedding digital certificates based on WISeKey Public Key Infrastructure and OISTE Global Rootkey into NFCTrusted© tags enables consumers to interact securely with almost any IoT object or transactions in a trusted manner.

Cybersecurity and Digital Identity

Protecting your Personal Information is important to avoid impersonation and identity theft. It is fast becoming the foundation for online commerce and other applications that require security and authentication in an open network.

Smart Secure City

WISeKey covers the full identity and compliance cycle with trusted eIdentities and eServices, Corporate Solutions, eGoverment and Innovative Mobile Security Solutions which can be applied towards smart cities.

Media corner


Discover the profiles of the panelists for the Lunch Roundtable

Kevin SpaceyAward-winning Actor, Director, Producer.
Yevgeny Valentinovich KasperskyChairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab
Don TapscottC.M., BA, BSc, MEd, LLD CEO, The Tapscott Group Inc.
Carlos Creus MoreiraFounder, Chairman and CEO WISeKey
Robert C. McFarlaneFormer United States National Security Advisor; Co-founder US Energy Security Council and America-China Society.
Frédéric EspositoSenior lecturer at the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva and Director of the University Observatory on Security
David FergussonCo-CEO and President, The M&A Advisor; 30 years of business growth, M&A and financing expertise
Guido TerreniBVLGARI watches managing director
Gaurav GaubaPresident CenturyLink Cognilytics
Jimmy WalesFounder and Chair Emeritus, Board of Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation


Carlos Moreira, Founder of WISeKey, warns US Consumers at the “Chicago Ideas Conference” of emerging threats of having user personal information and IoT hacked

At this year’s Davos Conference, Mr. Moreira moderated a round table on CyberSecurity and participated as panelist at the New Business Context: Risky Business session. One of the conclusions of the round table discussion was that with billions of people around the world have grown increasingly distrustful of the internet and that the urgent necessity for a new model that can offer trust and security has emerged. The fundamental right to privacy is at stake and if users begin to abandon the Internet because of security concerns, the multitude of recent positive developments in digital communications will be lost. All kinds of applications, including social networks and also companies and governments that rely on cloud computing, will be negatively affected. Products like WISeID can protect users against this threat as the main objective is to protect your PII and its associated content, which can be used to identify, contact, locate or even trace a person. Personal data, which includes, videos and pictures, collected by WISeID, always stays under the user’s control on their mobile phone or device. The PII is never communicated to third parties and never leaves the user’s control. Users can generate strong passwords, store them securely, and logon directly to the real website. WISeID provides users with a secure and easy to use encrypted place to store all personal data, personal identifiable information, usernames, passwords, PINs, credit cards, loyalty cards, social security number, notes, photos, documents, and more. The user friendly interface also allows users to log on to websites quickly and securely from the application, securing all data with strong 256-bit AES encryption algorithm keys.

Harvard Business Review: How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies

A very good report from HBR showing how the identity and security layer is becoming ubiquitous for all type of net interactions reinforcing the strategic positioning of WISEKEY.

“The job of ensuring IT security now cuts across all functions”

By Michael E.Porter and James E.Heppelmann

Until recently, IT departments in manufacturing companies have been largely responsible for safeguarding firms’ data centers, business systems, computers, and networks. With the advent of smart, connected devices, the game changes dramatically. […]

Financial Times : Deconstructed: BVLGARI’s Diagono Magnesium Wrist Vault

By Simon de Burton

The reaction of the traditional watch industry to the arrival of the Apple Watch and other forms of connected wristwear has been decidedly varied.

But perhaps the most unusual counter to the perceived threat that smartwatches pose to clockwork comes from BVLGARI’s Diagono Magnesium Wrist Vault, which claims to be “the first intelligent luxury watch”.

Still a concept, but — according to a BVLGARI insider — certain to become reality, the Wrist Vault has been developed with Swiss digital secure storage specialist WISeKey and uses a cryptographic chip inside the case to hold personal data.

An invisible antenna, also mounted within the watch, can then connect with a smartphone using near field technology (NFT) to transmit a “digital certificate” securely from the BVLGARI Vault application previously downloaded on to an iOS or Android smartphone. Only the owner of the watch has access to the data, which BVLGARI says will be stored with “banking-level” security.

The idea is that the watch could be used for everything, from storing codes to transmitting payments and even remotely opening car doors. NFT is said to be a very secure form of data transfer because it works only when the paired devices are close together. […]

BVLGARI Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch

By Cristian Sturek

Security, security, security, privacy… I get it, we all get it, to do IoT right we must address security and privacy. It seems everything you read today related to the Internet of Things focuses on the negative instead of the positive.

Well, congrats for BVLGARI for their cooperation with WISeKey on this new concept watch and addressing security and privacy from the get-go!

The Luxury Wrist Vault

100% Swiss, 100% security, 0% gadget: the Diagono Magnesium concept presented by BVLGARI at Baselworld 2015 as an exclusive world ­rst is the complete opposite of everything the world of so-called connected watches is able to offer. A self-winding mechanical watch in-corporating all the codes of luxury, as well as an electronic passport connected to the watch and its wearer, whose con­dential data now enjoys total protection. This veritable intelligent vault is the result of a partnership between the luxury brand and WISeKey, a leading Swiss company in high digital security and sensitive data storage.

WISeKey Davos Gatherings

From 2007 WISekey has continuously gathering exports at Davos helping to define the technology agenda for a trusted human centric Internet