Recent cybersecurity violations have woken many governments up to the reality of Cyberspace and how it is challenging the traditional conception of Digital Identification for the citizens and cybersovereignty. “With identifications and  data being stored virtually anywhere in the world and government employees and citizens using information technology systems that are hosted and operated from anywhere (even outside of their jurisdiction), the expected sovereign rights over  identifications, data and communications is frequently lost accelerating the current cyber security violations.

WISeKey has been at the forefront of balancing technology, law, policy and geopolitics from its headquarters in Switzerland (and its bases in different regions). WISeKey has developed over the years solutions to the problems of State sovereignty and the challenges brought on by technology.

A digital ID is much like paper-based identification such as a passport. It can prove who you are and give you special rights to do particular things. In the case of digital WISeIDs, your digital ID can let you make your PDF files tamper proof, as well as give you special access to files from users who have approved your digital ID. The interest of digital IDs when securing a document is that you can change access and usage rights on a user-by-user basis.

To reduce the risks it is essential that Government and enterprises start moving from passwords and open communication usage to Digital IDs and encrypted communications (voice and data) using public and privates key. The public key provided by software such as WISeID contains a certificate and identifying information which allows the user to share with other users. Once other users have received the public key they can secure (encrypt) documents and voice using WISePhone and WISeID. The private key is the part of the WISeID that is never shared and is the part of the ID that unlocks (decrypts) files that you have been granted access to and usage of.

WISeKey is a leading eSecurity company, with over 10 years of experience in projects related to digital certificates and identities. WISeKey operates an ultra-secure Public Key Infrastructure to provide certification services to end-users and corporations. Our products include:

1. Qualified Certificates

WISeKey is a Trust Service Provider (TSP) providing digital certificates and platforms for electronic signatures (for natural persons) and seals (for legal entities).

PDF Signatures – Adobe AATL Qualified Service Provider
The Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) is a program that enables millions of people around the world to digitally sign documents in Adobe Document Cloud solutions using the world’s most trusted digital IDs. The certificate authorities (CAs) and trust service providers (TSPs) on this list issue certificate-based digital IDs and timestamp services that are used to comply with the most stringent legal and regulatory requirements in the world.
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2. CertifyID Personal Certficates


for Secure Authentication, Digital Signatures and E-mail protection, compatible with desktop and smartphones. Get now your free CertifyID Certificate (only valid to protect your email messages).