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CertifyID Universal Registration Authority

WISeKey’s Certificate Management Solution, an enterprise-grade platform to effectively manage up to millions of certificates

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Bringing efficiency to Certificate Management

Without an appropriate Certificate Management Solution (CMS), public-key cryptography is only marginally more useful than traditional, secret-key cryptography, being key not only the right choice for technology, but also to be implemented and operated appropriately for the business needs. WISeKey’s CMS, our CertifyID Universal Registration Authority (URA) provides to our customers the tools to efficiently manage Digital Certificates.

The CertifyID URA is an enterprise-grade CMS that can cover the most exigent needs to manage and deploy digital certificates for Persons, Application and Objects (IoT).

Features & benefits

The CertifyID URA provides:

  • Multi-Tenant: access can be segregated for customers/departments in multiple levels
  • Multi-CA: several CAs managed from a single instance of the URA. Currently the URA supports Microsoft CA and PrimeKey’s EJBCA (Community and Enterprise Editions), allowing the transparent use of mixed platforms
  • Multi-Template: unlimited certificate types can be defined and used from the URA. The URA Administrator can manage the certificate templates without having to manipulate the CA servers
  • Multi-Language, currently supporting English, French, German and Spanish
  • User access portal. Certificate Subscribers can connect to the URA to manage their certificates (request new certificates, renewals, revocations…)
  • Access rights fully configurable via the concept of “User Roles”. Each role can have granular permission control and can be linked to a particular set of Certificate Templates
  • All communications with the CAs are web-services based, thus the URA can be easily and securely deployed in a DMZ
  • WS and RESTful API available, no additional license required
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Fully integrated with your business processes

WISeKey provides optionally consultancy and development services, enabling easy integration of the certificate management with the business processes, enabling automated subscriber on-boarding and certificate provisioning, integrated with the corporate Backoffice applications