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Managed PKI Services

An advanced cloud certificate management platform to serve the needs of all customer needs

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Cloud Certificate Management Platform

WISeKey, as an enterprise-grade trust services provider always made focus on making easy for our customers to make use of digital certificates in their internal processes. A common requirement from our customers is to control the delivery of certificates to their employees or clients by acting as a Registration Authority and manage autonomously the issuance process. WISeKey’s Managed PKI (MPKI) offering provides to our customers the tools to issue fully recognized certificates to their users.

Corporate customers not willing to implement their own PKI platform can also benefit of our trusted “PKI As A Service” (Managed PKI) services offering. This service is built with our URA and enables:

  • Multiple Certificate Templates
  • Multi-Tenant access, isolating the data of each customer
  • Possibility to deploy dedicated CAs for the customer, or use WISeKey’s Trusted CAs
  • Possibility to deploy a fully dedicated and isolated infrastructure, not sharing any resource with other customers

Our MPKI service doesn’t require the installation of any local infrastructure, and it’s delivered from WISeKey’s owned secure datacenter in Switzerland, ensuring the privacy of your data according to the highest standards.


WISeKey Offering

WISeKey provides MPKI to issue Personal, SSL or IoT certificates issued by our existing CertifyID Certification Authorities or by a dedicated certification authority for the customer.

Through MPKI our customers can manage:

  • S/MIME certificates, to protect email communications, ensuring the sender identity and enabling encryption
  • Certificates for Document Signature, including PDF signatures
  • SSL Certificates, to secure the corporate web and application servers
  • IoT Certificates to authenticate connected devices

WISeKey Certificates can be adapted to suit more than one purpose.


Features & benefits

  • Customers don’t need to invest in a new infrastructure; MPKI is delivered as a managed cloud service
  • The MPKI interface can be used to manage personal ,SSL and IoT certificates
  • Possibility to issue “branded” certificates. WISeKey can dedicate a Certification Authority so certificates appear not issued by WISeKey but by the customer CA
  • Our Certificates are trusted worldwide. Customers benefit of our WebTrust accreditation and certificates used for e-mail security, authentication, SSL or digital signatures will be recognized inside and outside the organization
  • Web browser GUI. Easy access for Administrators and End Users
  • WISeKey offers a programmatic REST API to enable the integration with customer’s corporate systems and automate the certificate management
For More Information Download the CertifyID MPKI product sheet Download now