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CertifyID SSL Certificates

Globally trusted digital certificates to authenticate and protect communication servers

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Bringing Trust to on-line services

SSL Certificates are used to enhance the security over the IP networks (Internet and Intranet) implementing the SSL/TLS protocols, authenticating the servers or devices and encrypting its communications, using Public Key cryptography and digital signatures. When accessing an SSL-Protected Server the users will know that they are connecting to a genuine server, owned by the company providing the service, and that the data transferred between them and the server is confidential.

Main usages of SSL certificates:

  • Web Servers, to provide an HTTPS service, necessary when personal or confidential data is used on web pages
  • Communication Servers, as Unified Communication Servers, VPN or other systems needing to encrypt and authenticate the connections

WISeKey Offering

WISeKey provides CertifyID SSL Certificates issued by our worldwide-recognized Certification Authorities. CertifyID SSL Certificates provided by WISeKey are automatically trusted by all major Browsers and Operating Systems (both desktop and mobile).

WISeKey provides currently three products to cover SSL Certificate needs:

  • Standard Domain-Validation (DV) SSL Certificates. A DV SSL Certificate protects a server identified under a specific domain name (i.e., ensuring the authenticity of the domain name
  • Advanced Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates. OV certificates, in addition to domain validation, also ensures the name of the organization owning the server
  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates, provide additional verifications on the organization, according to the highest levels of security required by the browsers, which will display a distinctive mark (e.g. a “Green Bar” or additional information on the web site) to provide more assurance to the user that he’s connecting to a genuine web server

For More Information Download the CertifyID SSL product sheet

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WISeKey’s SSL Certificates can be obtained as part of our MPKI services or via our reseller network.


After the sale of QuoVadis to Digicert; Digicert and WISeKey signed a “non-competition” agreement that imply certain territorial limits to the sale of WISeKey SSL Certificates. If you are interested in using or reselling our SSL Certificates, please contact us at and we will confirm if you qualify as a potential customer.