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WISekey to help Malaga Valley promote Spanish among Internet users via a linguistic Service Platform reaching out to over 600 million people

WISeKey is joining the new project announced on October 29th by Malaga Valley to promote the use of Spanish on the Internet, in cooperation with members from leading companies. The project was unveiled in Malaga in the presence of the President of Malaga Valley, Javier Cremades; the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre; the COO of Telefónica, Julio Linares; the Spanish ambassador to the USA, Alan Solomont; the CEO of IBM Spain, José Antonio Zufiria and the Chairman of Prisa, Juan Luis Cebrián.  Carlos Moreira, founder of WISeKey and Vice President of Malaga Valley offered the assistance of WISekey to connect this initiative to WISeKey’s work in cooperation with MIT’s Sloan School of Management to provide Trusted Digital Identities and Secure Cloud Services to Spanish and Portuguese-speaking populations in Latin America and the US.
WISekey is currently developing the and Citizen Services Platforms  for the Spanish-speaking and for the  Portuguese-speaking ecosystem, reaching out to over 600 million people speaking both languages worldwide and creating the first ever language-based ID ecosystem on the net.
Generally speaking, English is the universal language on the Internet and cloud computing, but the use of only one language tends to polarize the world into Internet users and Internet illiterates, and to exclude huge populations from the benefits of these technologies.
With Spanish and Portuguese-speaking populations making up the third largest language group on earth, this project focuses on how Latin American ecosystems can leverage cloud utilization at local and national levels, allowing them to improve the interconnectivity between these populations.
Mr. Javier Cremades, President Malaga Valley said, “We are very happy to cooperate with WISeKey in building what will become one of the largest ecosystems on the net.  Everyone who speaks Spanish will be able to access for the first time a platform that connects all existing applications and services for people speaking this language around the world.”
Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO WISeKey said, “Developing localized ID services and cloud computing in Spanish and Portuguese will also reduce the cost of the cloud technology. Cloud computing is relatively new, but rapidly growing in Latin America. WISeKey is assisting some local providers in leveraging their local data centers into cloud services, increasing their security and trust models, and adding digital identification technologies to provide trusted secure services to their clients whilst maintaining linguistic neutrality.  WISeKey allows ecosystems to be joined through linguistics, allowing interaction whilst preserving local traditions and languages.
Olivia Ward
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WISekey to help Malaga Valley promote Spanish among Internet users

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