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WISeKey Press Kit 2014

Media Corner

WISeKey is a cybersecurity leader in digital identification and authentication technologies, the company’s mission is to transform the Internet into a reliable and fair tool for conducting secure, electronic transactions. WISeKey creates solutions for those who desire secure transactions, guaranteed trust, peace of mind and anonymity in all aspects of digital engagement. We call it “The Next Generation of Digital Oneness. (valium) ” WISeKey’s family of interoperable, standards-based PKI products is designed to enable, manage and simplify the use of digital certificates in Internet and e-business applications. Our best-in-class technologies allow our customers to deploy solutions easily and cost-efficiently. WISeKey’s current products and services:
1. CyberSecurity Solutions– provides trusted e-Identities, including SSL and personal certificates; electronic signature and document dematerialization, corporate PKI solutions and projects like e-Voting and e-Invoicing;
2. Digital Brand Management– an anti-counterfeiting and sales monitoring system that provides 100% authentication for your priceless treasures;
3. WISeKey Mobile– a suite applications leveraging secure digital IDs and WISeKey technologies to bring secure data protection, secure communications, and rich interactions to mobile users. Such products include WISfans that enables global brands to stay in touch with their fans, WISeID that secures authentication data, personal identification data, and documents, and WISePhone, which secures voice communications.
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