Securing mobile communications and storage for individuals and businesses

WISeKey is responding to increase mobilization by providing security for and on mobile phones that protects private data, encrypts voice communication and messaging.


WISeID data protector

Data Protector

WISeID provides a convenient encrypted place to store usernames, passwords, PINs, credit cards, loyalty cards, notes, and other information. WISeID protects personally identifiable information (PII), which can be used to identify, contact, locate a person, or to steal their identity. Availabe in Consumer or Enterprise editions.


Fan Community

WISfans keeps fans engaged on and off the field through a digital ‘clubhouse’ ecosystem that taps into sport franchise’s fanbase, centralizes and crates the massive amount of content, and injects ongoing exclusive additional content provided by the team and its player.


Secure Communication

WISePhone properly secures mobile phone communications, so conversations are not vulnerable to monitoring equipment. When used together with other WISePhone+ users, your conversation is protected end-to-end, even defying wiretapping on office equipment.
Availabe in Consumer or Enterprise editions.