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WISeKey Presents a positive technology outlook at the FT CyberSecurity Summit in London 23 September

Geneva, London, New York – 22 September 2015 – WISeKey, a leading Cybersecurity company announced today, at the FT CyberSecurity Summit in London, new technologies and processes that increase cybersecurity. It is now evident that individuals’ requirements for cybersecurity are getting higher all the time and current offerings by cybersecurity companies are mainly focussed on enterprise cybersecurity and not personal cybersecurity. Said Carlos Moreira Founder and CEO of WISEKEY and soaker at the event.
WISeKey is leading the process to move  the gravity center from ‘back end application-centric’ to ‘front end personal-centric’ models where individuals will retake control and increase their security of their personal data.  Gone are the days of huge centralized clouds and ID metasystems with no respect for personal data. The trend WISeKey is launching is Personal CyberSecurity, a technology which combines digital identity management for people and objects/things with blockchain technology.  Combining digital identity with blockchains create small encrypted files that only the user can manipulate.
Moreira during the panel explain how to create a WISeKey blockchain certificate, the user must scan an identity document and sign it with their digital ID. Then the WISeID mobile app generates a private and public key to certify the transaction which is then encrypted, hashed and sent to the blockchain distributed ledger updating all the nodes running bitcoin software. The trend is evident as nine of the world’s biggest financial institutions have partnered to develop distributed ledger technologies—the same technologies that underpinBitcoin’s blockchain.
Developing digital identity based systems and personal cloud computing will help secure and reduce the cost of cloud technology and protection from hackings.   The WISeID Personal Cloud app is a set of online toolsdesigned to empower the user by providing secure, authenticated,  private digital identification and personal data storage in a Secure Vault on the Cloud.  WISeID provides encrypted personal cloud storage in WISekey Datacenters in the USA and Switzerland and enables users to protect and sync their data and passwords across their personal mobile devices. The WISeID Personal Cloud app is free but users will be requested to pay for incremental Personal Cloud storage usage.
The WiseID cybersecurity architecture also applies to IoT,as it’s estimated that the global wearables’ market will grow at an annual rate of 35% over the next five years.  WISeKey’s trusted IoT Technology enables these wearable devices to connect safely and make secure payments and other transactions. Trust and Privacy are serious concernsfor any large scale IoT deployment. Even when users and corporations take all precautions to secure their information, due to conditions that are beyond their control, strong authentication and encryption is required to protect from hackers.  Current sophisticated hackers can now craft attacks with unprecedented sophistication and correlate information not just from traditional sources but also from different private sources, such as mobile phones, smart cars, smart home automation systems, intelligent cities etc. as we have already 25 billion devices connected and 75 billion are slated to connect by 2020.More than 70 percent of current IoT devices contain serious vulnerabilities.
WISeKey was selected as a Global Growth Company (‘GGC’) Partner by the World Economic Forum at its 2015 Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian. WISeKey was originally nominated as one of the founding members of the GGC community back in 2007 with already eight years of deep engagement with the Forum as a GGC Partner, which includes being a partner of the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (‘PACI’), one of the strongest cross-industry collaborative efforts at the Forum, a partner of the WEF Cyber Resilience Initiative, a member of the Global Agenda Council on Illicit Trade and the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society .
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