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WISeKey and Hublot deploy a New Watch Authentication process based on secure contactless NFC technology and Mobile Apps

More than 850 points of sale across the world are now equipped with the technology
Geneva, NY, Chicago – October 13, 2015   — WISeKey announces today during the presence of its Founder and CEO as speaker at Chicago Ideas , that it has delivered a new contactless authentication process based on Secure NFC technology. This new technology developed by WISeKey with the name NFCTrusted® extends the previous WISeAuthentic® authentication platform used by Hublot to NFC. The NFC card acts as the watch’s passport provided in every watch box. Using the NFC card together with an App, the owner of a Hublot watch can check its authenticity online, download manuals and at the same time register on the Hublotista Club ( This private and secure community club is dedicated to Hublot customers, offering privileges such as exclusive previews, information and invitations.
More than 850 points of sale across the world are now equipped with the system which enables them to read and activate these new NFCTrusted® Cards. The Hublot NFCTrusted® card incorporates a cryptographically secure WISeKey digital certificate stored in its secure element to prove authenticity of a watch or an official retailer. The certificate issuance operation is carried out by Hublot during the manufacturing process of NFC personalized cards.
In the boutiques, when a customer selects a model, the seller is identified by the system as one of the brand’s approved retailers, using their own Retailer NFCTrusted® card which connects directly to the WISeAuthentic® Transaction platform hosted at Hublot’s headquarters in Switzerland. Activation of the international warranty can then take place in front of the customer.
“This combination provides a secure and mobile solution which is impossible to forge or reproduce, at only a minute fraction of the cost incurred by counterfeits. The option of linking this system protecting our customers, with a platform dedicated to them, was an obvious step. Discussing, learning to better understand them and ourselves, their relationship with the watchmaking world, aesthetics, technology and tradition, their expectations to be better able to astound them, this Club is our very own space, creating a direct and transparent relationship between Hublot and our end customers and, I hope, a link encouraging genuine friendship and trust.” – Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot.
“We are very happy to release this new evolution of our innovative Digital Brand Protection technology and that all Hublot watches are authenticated by WISeAuthentic®. WISeKey has developed for the watch industry the world’s first Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based Trusted Root Certificate Authority (CA) for IOT using WISeKey’s PKI and OISTE’s Global CA Rootkey. These NFC Trusted Tags can be embedded in virtually any product, piece of equipment or common household item and users can verify authenticity with an NFC-enabled smart phone or connected device. This not only optimizes security and convenience, but also eliminates the need for special readers or other equipment used in tag authentication and enables new use cases using proof of presence. The combination of trust and convenience opens the door for the use of NFCTrusted® cards in diverse markets and enables them to support a variety of Internet of Things applications”, said Carlos Moreira, Founder CEO WISeKey.
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