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WISeKey launches WIS.WATCH the Trusted Key to your Data

WIS.WATCH, a revolutionary technology mutation has been created by WISeKey for a completely new way of interaction between a human being and a watch allowing the watch to become the key to the smartphone. The first NFC watch that sends a Secure Digital Identity via NFC to the WISeID app and activates the login process on the smartphone.
Basically you use WIS.Watch as the KEY for the smartphone and without the watch the Mobile App with your personal data and cloud access cannot be used or activated, providing enhanced security. WIS.WATCH connects instantly with your smartphone and launches WISeID to protect your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). In the future you can use the cryptographic key that is stored on the watch for many other usages such as activation of your smartphone, unlocking doors and electronic locks at home and at work. Tap your watch to your smartphone or tablet to unlock your app or pay for goods with NFC enabled contactless payment systems.
Thanks to WISeKey ID NFC technology, the WIS.WATCH can be used as a unique personal key identifier and trusted device to access your smartphone, applications, and personal data and secured cloud storage. WIS.Watch and WISeID together offer a unique experience of interconnected objects and strengthens your security while simplifying the user experience. With your connected WIS.WATCH your personal data, documents, and passwords remain safe and can also be securely encrypted and saved in the cloud.
The combination of WIS.WATCH and WISeID app allows you to securely backup your data online. This is handy should your smartphone ever get lost or stolen. You can configure your WISeID app so that after several failed attempts to access your secure data, the key will be wiped and your data erased. You can restore the data from your secure cloud store into a new smartphone or desktop WISeKey using the backup system activated by your WIS.WATCH.

For more pictures and videos, contact: Youmna Abisaleh,, +41 79 946 00 89

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