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Should replace Big Data? A big Subject for the first-of-its kind Cybersecurity “summit”

Should replace Big Data? A big Subject for the first-of-its kind Cybersecurity “summit”

GENEVA, Feb. 13 2015 – President Barack Obama will convene top executives today in a first-of-its kind cybersecurity “summit” taking place as the government and corporate executives each struggle to adjust to persistent and sophisticated breaches.

One of the big subjects will be Big Trust and how companies that embrace Big Trust and prioritize security over customer-data commercialization will be rewarded by consumers who tire of repeated intrusions into their privacy.


What is the difference between ‘security’ and ‘trust’ on the internet?

Trust is local, security is global. 2015 is shaping up to be the year that consumers and companies both come to this realization. Opportunities to bridge this gap abound as cyber-security start-ups quickly become Silicon Valley’s most recent fascination and venture capitalists have flooded the sector with investment as they look to back the latest technology used to fight criminals online.

On the whole, we’re doing a great job at securing the internet and developing new technologies to allow for enhanced personal data protection. But if security is to be viable, it must be engineered at the global level. Enter Big Trust, the new coin of the realm that is rapidly replacing the market’s fascination with Big Data.

At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos 2015, Big Trust emerged as a concept that gives due weight to trust’s importance in the digital age as billions of people around the world have grown increasingly distrustful of the internet and that the urgent necessity for a new model has emerged.

More information on BigTrust is available at:

Author: Carlos Moreira is Founder and CEO of WISeKey, a Geneva-based World Economic Forum Global Growth Company and member of the World Economic Forum  and Member of the World Economic ForumGlobal Agenda Council on the Future of IT Software & Services

WISeKey is a leading global digital security solutions company. Working at the forefront of information cybersecurity, identity management, and mobile software services, WISeKey’s mission is to facilitate the global growth of secure electronic transactions by providing individuals, businesses, and governments with advanced technology and services that authenticate and protect digital identity across the full spectrum of personal, business and administrative transactions online. WISeKey, established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999,, is a World Economic Forum Global Growth Partner Company.

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