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WISeKey launches at the Malaga Valley a project to establish a Secure Internet Route between Spain and Latin America

Club Malaga Valley

Geneva, Malaga May 2014 – Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey and Secretary General of OISTE,ORG introduced at the Malaga Valley a project that will allow creating alternatives to the existing cyberspace cable connection as an answer to some countries calling for a new, secure cyberspace interconnections to be created, in response to the interception scandals. The project includes the possibility to establish a secure route between Spain and Latin America for information to go through Secure Internet connections using WISeKey encryption.
That idea was originally introduced by WISeKey and the OISTE Foundation at the World Economic Forum early this year and has received the backing of many countries who are now planning to lay a vast network of secure Internet data cables, immune to snooping technology, decentralizing the current routes and creating secure Hubs ins elected cities to be interconnected.
WISeKey used the central theme of the sixteenth meeting of the Malaga Valley “Defense, Security and Technology” to introduce this project and to explain how to enhance the present role of Malaga in relation to the Internet Security and launch a project which includes a development of a High Security Center based in Malaga, allowing Malaga to become a regional cybersecurity hub connected to a similar one in Latin America. He further explained during the event that the next generation Secure Internet will be based on Trust. He argued that Trust is local and relies on decentralization and bilateral relations between secure Hubs. More secure decentralized connections will create new routes and more options for secure data to transit through the Internet.
Spain has played always a historical role in building trade routes since the discovery of America. We expect this project will reactivate the same spirit allowing Spain and Malaga to become a strategic Hub for the Internet of the Future, said Carlos Moreira.
Under WISeKey and‘s leadership, the Big Trust task force’s central focus is to promote worldwide changes to the digital security environment, including neutrality, standardization, digital identification, trusted clouds, and data sovereignty for a more efficient cyberspace framework which will allow countries to use this model as reference for their national cyber security strategies.
The Big Trust plans to vigorously engage international organizations to cooperate in and contribute to the development, dissemination, and implementation of cyber security advancement, with a focus on the improvement of current conditions and mitigation of potential risks.
Malaga Valley is a technological hub located in the metropolitan area of the city of Malaga in southern Spain, in the area of greatest technological excellence in Europe, a “European Silicon Valley.” This area has become a center of ideas and innovation generation, able to attract companies from around the world, investments in R & D and talent. It specializes in the High-Speed Rail and Smart Cities industries, with special attention to energy efficiency and sustainability.
The WISeKey Secure data and Hub project was already announced this year at the World Economic Forum at Davos and portrayed by Bloomberg TV Bloomberg video.
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