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WISeKey enhances the right to be forgotten and the right to disappear with BIGTRUST

Geneva, 20 May 2014 — The European Court of Justice just ruled that any individual may select which article and website links turn up when someone does a search for them by nameand gave them the right to redact results on searches for wrong information, out-of-date information and unflattering information.It’s called the ‘right to be forgotten’. Advocates call it a breakthrough in online privacy and BigTrust. Under the new Europe-wide decision anyone can now demand that their ‘personal data’ is removed from search results. This new right extends to politicians and corporations, if not governments, bringing the end tosearch as we know it, and the beginning of a new movement based on BigTrust introduced this year by WISeKey and the OISTE Foundation at the World Economic Forum in Davos World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. .
WISeKey is doing a pioneering workat securing personal datawith new technologies like to allow for enhanced personal data protection and the right to disappear online Iftrust and security is to be viable, it must be engineered at the global level applying BigTrust as the new coin of the realm that is rapidly replacing the market’s fascination with Big Data.
“We believe that the user’s Personal Identifiable Information PII needs to be strongly protected as this is the most sensitive information, and allows the person to be tracked by Social Networks and Search. The only way to do this is by encrypting your PII and defining standards that clearly give the ownership of the PII to the user and not to the service provider. If this is done, then the PII is associated with your Digital Identity which can then protect the personal data, as it belongs to you,” says Carlos Moreira Founder and CEO WISeKey.
Under WISeKey and‘s leadership, the BigTrust initiative is to promote worldwide changes to the digital security environment, including neutrality, standardization, digital identification, trusted clouds, search and data sovereignty for a more efficient cyberspace framework which will allow countries to use this model as reference for their national cyber security strategies.
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