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WISeKey Hosts the Davos Swiss Night at the World Economic Forum in Cooperation with Hublot

DAVOS, Switzerland, January 27, 2012 :
WISeKey, the Swiss digital security company has become a Global Growth Company Partner of the 2012 World Economic Forum. WISeKey is the first startup in Switzerland to become a member in such a short time; other technology companies with the distinction include Google and Facebook.
WISeKey is using its new status with the WEF to promote Swiss innovation. At the Annual Meeting in Davos, WISeKey will host, with its partner Hublot, the Swiss Night dinner, an event that will bring together VIPs, including CEOs and heads of state.
WISeKey and the OISTE Foundation are finalizing a digital security task force created to converge, process, and support innovations in identity management, authentication, and encrypted communications using Switzerland as its focal point and technical hub.
The Swiss Digital Security Task Force (SDSTF) will engage organizations to cooperate in and contribute to the development, dissemination, and implementation of advancements related to cyber-security and its practice, designed to improve the current conditions and mitigate potential risks.
The goal of the SDSTF is to inspire and motivate worldwide changes to the digital security environment, including the promotion of neutrality, standardization, digital identification, trusted clouds, and data sovereignty for a more efficient cyberspace framework which will allow countries to use the Swiss model as a reference for their national cyber-security strategies.
Always exploring new technologies, WISeKey has been investigating the security aspects of Augmented Reality (AR), and has released WISeID AR for Davos. In addition to WISeID’s secure data, WISeID AR is equipped with detection capabilities that can offer helpful information to iPhone and Android users. WISeID AR was built in partnership with
Download WISeID:
Eileen Weinberg
Marketing and Communications

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