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WISeKey Upgrades WISeID, the Swiss Knife of Digital Safety, with Secure Identities and Encrypted Facebook Messaging

GENEVA – WISeKey has upgraded and redesigned its WISeID Password and Personal Data Protector application, the Swiss Knife of digital safety. WISeID version 3S continues to secure Personal Identifiable Information (PII), data which contains unique identity and location details of an individual. WISeID 3S has expanded its consumer protection features, including free email certificates for registered users and encrypted data backup on the Cloud.
In addition to the new design of the mobile app, WISeKey launched a desktop version for Mac OSX, making it even easier to add and update account details. A PC version is expected this spring.
WISeID 3S offers encrypted messaging to maintain privacy of SMS, emails, and Facebook posts. WISeKey is applying their expertise securing operations with banks and governments to allow WISeID to enable safe transactions from within Facebook.
WISeID continues to provide a “trusted digital identity.” Using its established e-Voting technology, WISeKey is enhancing WISeID to combine its strong authentication with social networking platforms to offer a medium for voting and other binding transactions.
WISeID uses geo-location to allow check-in to Foursquare. WISeID users will soon be able to opt-in to receive targeted deals, focused Facebook connection recommendations. These benefits are offered securely: PII is never communicated to third parties.
WISeID stores usernames, passwords, PINs, and account details in a secure vault on a mobile device, iPad, or desktop. WISeKey’s military-grade encryption technology means that the information always stays safe even if the mobile device is lost or stolen.
WISeID previously hit the top 5 iPhone apps in its category in the U.S.A. and is among the top utility apps worldwide.
Download WISeID 3S:
Eileen Weinberg

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