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WISeKey brings encrypted messaging to everyday communication tools, including Facebook, using WISeID Personal data Protector and Digital Identity App

iphone_bigGENEVA –Participation on the web and in social networks puts us all at risk of personal data theft. Hackers have infiltrated scores of networks by gathering innocuous details about all of us that flows freely on the web, and using that information deceptively. Encrypting personal messages is one means to help protect our details from eavesdropping, phishing, and other deceptions. Encrypting private correspondence on social networks can also protect your personal information from being involuntarily used for advertising.
Encryption means that information is converted from its recognizable format into a code that cannot be read without applying a complex algorithm to decrypt it. WISeID Personal Data Protector is a mobile application that uses encryption technology to securely store private information. WISeID and its website can now encrypt messages, allowing privacy over any communication service, even Facebook. The transmitted text cannot be decrypted without an “access key”. You set the key and can change it for different messages and recipients.
Try sending an encrypted message now:
WISeID offers the benefit of single sign-on (SSO) from your mobile device. You only need your one Master Password to access WISeID, and with your account details safely stored, you can log into your favorite websites directly from the application with one click.
Since WISeID encrypts your information, even if you mobile device is lost or stolen, no one can read the information you have stored inside of it. The personal data kept in WISeID is decentralized – WISeKey does not store your data – so there is no threat of a centralize database being infiltrated, and thus your personal information is not vulnerable.
Download WISeID and you can see a CNBC Video on the service
Eileen Weinberg

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