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Successful launch for HUBLOTISTA!

Reserved exclusively for HUBLOT watch owners, HUBLOTISTA is both a system for protecting and authenticating watches, and also a protected private club: “” which offers an extensive range of services and privileged access to the brand.
This programme is a first in the watchmaking world.
Hublot was a pioneer when, in 2009, it presented a new electronic identification system for its watches, using the “Hublotista” chip card and reader developed with WISeKey, a company recognised by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a “Global Growth Company 2010”. Some months after the platform, designed to combat counterfeiting in the watchmaking industry, went live, the initial report makes very satisfying reading:

  • All Hublot Big Bang, Classic Fusion and King Power watches are protected by WISeAuthentic®, the authenticity certification system based on WISeKeytechnology.
  • The 27 Hublot boutiques and 380 points of sale across the world are now equipped with the system for activating and reading this new digital certificate.

A system providing protection and authentication, the Hublotista chip card and reader – both provided in every watch box – act as a passport for the watch.
The first authentication operation is carried out by Hublot when the Hublotista chip card is embossed and placed with its reader in the box housing the watch.
In the boutique, when the customer has selected a model, the retailer is identified by the system as one of the brand’s approved stockists, using their own card which connects directly to the brand’s headquarters in Switzerland. The retailer then connects the “Hublotista” card which comes with the watch, activating the international warranty in front of the customer. Using the device provided during purchase (reader and card), the owner of a Hublot watch can check its authenticity and serial number online, consult the instructions and also register at the same time on “”, the club exclusively reserved for owners of Hublot watches., the private club exclusively reserved for owners of Hublot watches.
Linked to the watch’s international warranty system activated when it is purchased, is the private club exclusively reserved for owners of Hublot watches, a space where access is strictly reserved for them and which guarantees their anonymity, as they are not required to provide any identification and can choose an avatar in place of their name.
Protected discussions, either private or shared, exclusive information, details of new features, invitations, exchanges of information and advice, privileged access to all aspects of the brand and its activities throughout the world, is THE club created exclusively for all owners of Hublot watches.
Discussing Hublotista, Jean-Claude Biver explained: “We have been able to achieve a very high level of protection for our products thanks to the introduction of this electronic system, and I am delighted to be able to make a contribution to the fight against counterfeiting, which cannot be tolerated by our industry as a whole. Both our points of sale and owners of Hublot watches can use the chip card and reader to immediately check the authenticity of a watch via the internet. This combination provides a secure solution which is impossible to reproduce, at only a minute fraction of the cost incurred by counterfeits.
The option of linking this system protecting our customers with a platform dedicated to them was an obvious step. Discussing, learning to better understand them and ourselves… their relationship with the watchmaking world, aesthetics, technology and tradition, their expectations… to be better able to astound them, this club is our very own space, creating a direct and transparent relationship between Hublot and our end customers and, I hope, a link encouraging genuine friendship and trust”.

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