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Carlos Moreira speech during the Malaga Valley

Carlos Moreira speech during the Malaga Valley describing the role Spain can play on the future of the Internet with over 600 million people speaking Spanish forming one of the largest ecosystems on earth. In a couple of years, one out of two persons on earth will use Internet. One out of four will belong to a social network. By then, the combined Internet economies of the G-20 will reach $4.2 trillion and mobile devices will account for some 80 per cent of all broadband connections. Meanwhile, following the rise of cloud computing, convergence and much enhanced interoperability, the technology will be in place to link and exploit the enormous amount of data thereby produced in ways that are now unthinkable.
However, what conditions will apply to the use of personal data? How are individuals to cope in a digital universe in which all and everyone, human beings and “things”, blend in one mesh? Will individual users have a word to say in how the data they generate is managed? Hoe the Internet platforms will operate and potentially compromise the neutrality of the Internet. Will the politics of the Internet evolve in directions that are yet unknown? Will the human right to privacy set a new course for Internet?.