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WISeKey Granted U.S. Patent for the Authentication and Identification of Connected Objects (IoT) just in time for Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, 2nd of March 2015 – WISeKey announced today at the Barcelona World Congress that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a new patent to WISeKey with number 40430104. This patent, formally titled “Method and apparatus for digital authentication of valuable goods”, covers an invention relating to use strong digital identification authentication provided by WISeKey combined with OISTE.ORG allowing objects on the Internet to be authenticated and monitored real-time via trusted clouds.

WISeKey’s patented technology is already proven in Switzerland with more than three years’ experience in the luxury industry, the digital brand protection solution “WISeAuthentic” being implemented by several prestigious watch makers. With the latest evolutions this technology also applies to product and object segments as diverse as connected watches (like the WIS.WATCH launched by WISeKey this year at Davos smartphones, locks, smart meters, cars, alarm systems, identification of robotics, semiconductors, industrial sensors and household appliances. The near future will see all of these objects securely connected to the internet, enabling intercommunication and autonomous machine-to-machine M2M data transfer.

With the Internet of Things (IoT) invading this year’s Barcelona World Congress it’s not hard to see how these “things” require strong authentication as trillions of connected devices will soon be deployed in all sectors of the industry, including the Industrial Internet.  The patented technology used by WISeKey anticipates the interconnection of constrained devices in the physical world and to prevent leakage of personal information by means of peer authentication and secure data transmission.

This patented technology opens up tremendous possibilities and industry leadership for WISeKey in terms of certifying, connecting, and insuring objects and storing the ensuing data in a secure, trusted cloud environment. We are now on the threshold of a fourth phase in the evolution of the Internet, what is called the Embedded Internet, a network space where billions of intelligent embedded devices will be connect.

Many countries are already working on what we call Industry 4 which is the next stage of industrial manufacturing and a paradigm shift toward smart factories which could be the advent of a fourth industrial revolution. So are we in fact on the verge of a fourth revolution with $14.4 Trillion of Value at Stake for Companies and Industries.

A full description link to patent is available at

Contact Person : Youmna Abisaleh,, +41799460089

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