m-pki(lico)The Managed PKI platform is designed to meet the requirements of clients that do not wish to host their Certification Authority within their own data centre.

The MPKI’s internal design features ensure integrity, constant availability and key confidentiality. It is a service-based solution that is hosted and maintained in the WISeKey data centre infrastructure in Switzerland. All core components are shared with other clients using the data centre without decreasing the security of the solution or its manageability by the client. The benefit of this solution is that it offers very high security and availability without the need for the client to install, operate and maintain an physical and technological infrastructure, nor have staff versed in the operation of such an infrastructure.



ih-pki(li)InHouse Enterprise PKI platforms is designed to meet the requirements of clients who require a Public Key Infrastructure implemented within their facility. The benefit of this solution is that it offers very high security, the downside is that it may require the client build, operate and maintain an expensive physical and technological infrastructure, and have staff specialised in the operation of such an infrastructure. A full inhouse PKI solution is offered only at the Qualified level, and engages WISeKey professional services to select, design, and implement the custom PKI solution based on the client’s requirements.


WISeKey has developed a unique offering called the CertifyID TrustCenter which radically reduces the cost of inhouse PKI systems using innovative and cost efficient technologies that are part of the Windows Server 2003 platform.


  • Policy Driven
  • Flexible hierarchy
  • Standards based: X.509, RSA (1024, 2048, 4096), DSA
  • Able to distribute Registration Agents geographically anywhere in the world
  • Web based control panel with certificate authenticated SSL-VPN access
  • Annual Service Fee based on number of seats
  • A web service interface is available for integration with internal applications.
  • WebTrust Accredited – Root CA is embedded in most major browsers and operating systems.
  • CRLs are published daily and are publicly accessible.


  • Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
  • Online Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directory
  • Key archive and recovery service
    • Industry-leading features such as HSM key generation and “m of n” key retrieval ensure security and data integrity.
    • Prevents loss of valuable data.
  • Online form signing and verification
  • Secure Email
  • Secure Web Sites
    • Enable authentication of your Web server through digital certificate validation
    • Client authentication using digital certificates ensures that only authenticated users gain access to information
  • File Protection
    •  Use digital certificates to sign files to preserve integrity, encrypt files for confidentiality and archiving purposes.