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With WISeID you can do a multitude of things in one Digital Identity without compromising your identity, security, confidentiality or anonymity. All your important information is encrypted and can only be accessed by you.

Obtain your free secure email eID and start experiencing the benefits of eIDs today

With WISeID Digital Identity you can:

  • Create digital signatures on electronic mail messages, thus ensuring message integrity and authenticity with your correspondents;

  • Receive confidential information from any of your correspondents that only you can decrypt and read using S/MIME (You can also send confidential information to fellow eID users);

  • Increase security for your applications, replacing passwords with eID authentication protection (for PKI enabled applications);

  • Securely encrypt files and share them with other eID holders using WISeCrypt Personal Edition.

Benefits include:

  • Swiss Military-Grade Encryption

  • Decentralized Security

  • Your Own Unique Master Password

  • Secure, private Messaging

WISeID, a unique Secure Identity to access a secure electronic ecosystem

WISeID is a unique identity that allows you to secure all your personal information and make sure that you are in control of all your data, on your devices or posted on the internet.

WISeID lets you associate Digital Identities with you account. Each of them can be installed on you mobile phone, computer or cryptographic devices like token, NFC tags or Smartcards. With your Digital Identities, you will be given the choice to encrypt your personal data such as profiles, messages and media.

In today’s digital world the Digital Identity has become an essential player as a way to control and protect any information or transactions made on the internet. Digital Identities are also used to guaranty the authenticity of objects.

Personal eID

This unique eID gives you all the advantages of a normal eID with additional benefits:

  • hardware protection assurance using a secure device for key storage;

  • enhanced dual factor authentication protection with optional biometric protection;

  • insurance protection when engaging in financial transactions;

  • access to value added services required enhanced authentication;


WISeID Data Protector

WISeID Data Protector provides a secure, convenient encryption service to store usernames, passwords, PINs, credit cards, loyalty cards, notes, and other critical information. With WISeID, all your sensitive data is safeguarded using an AES encryption algorithm with a strong 256-bit key that stays under your control. It’s never communicated to or accessed by a third party, including us. Securely write messages and encrypt your bank accounts, credit cards, Paypal, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, among other advantages. Learn more


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