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The only digital security company acting as

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Smart Home

Secure Elements pre-provisioned with Matter Device Attestation Certifications; faster compliance, easier, scale-up, and highest security for lower costs.

Smart Grid

Full Root to Chip security solution FIPS 140-3 certified for leading smart meter manufacturers.

EV Charging

Managed PKI solution & ready-to-use FIPS certified secure elements for Charging Stations and Vehicles.

Military & Government

Specific integrated solutions for secure communications and vehicles; P25 radios, Secure UAVs.

IP Protection

Personalized secure elements embedded in electronic boards to protect design IP and avoid grey market and counterfeiting.

Smart Factory

PKI and Secure Elements to protect data and authenticate IIoT edge sensors and gateways in ‘Industry 4.0’ production facilities.


Solutions to protect patient data confidentiality, track and trace bio-sensitive materials, and avoid counterfeit medical devices or products.

Secure Access

Open hardware platform to run sensitive applications that control access to data (Crypto Wallets, Secure USB storage) or facilities (Smart Cards, SIP designs).