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The first cost effective and secure IoT connectivity solution anywhere on Earth using picosatellites and low-power sensors. WISeSat’s aim is to answer the needs of any large IoT deployment globally.

The Process

The distributed sensors collect and encrypt the data with a secret key that only the client knows.

This encrypted data is sent to the satellite, where it is received and rerouted automatically to the ground station.

The ground station receives the encrypted data and sends it to the network server.

The network server can decrypt the content and show the data for analysis.

Current Problem

Costly connectivity gap for a growing number of connected devices.


Terrestrial connectivity gap


IoT connected devices (2030)

Costly, Inefficient & Complex

Current solutions

WISeSat Solutions

Global cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of applications including livestock, wearables, agriculture, industrials, tracking, to name a few.

Use Cases

Smart Agriculture & Farming

 Water management & optimization, livestock location & illness detection, analytic predictions

Logistics with Smart Container

Traceability, food chain audits, tracking


Galvanic corrosion, voltage & current, vibrations