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WISeID for Business

Provide convenient security services to your employees and customers

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Much more than a Digital Certificate

WISeKey’s WISeID portfolio provides a convenient Identity Management Solution and powerful capabilities to secure online interactions using PKI technology, that can be easily adopted by the end users and seamlessly integrated with business applications. The integration of a digital certificate in WISeID not only increases the security and trust level of our proposal against our competitors, but also enables a new set of features like email protection or document signatures.


A full suite of products and services

WISeID brings a full suite of products around the “WISeID Account”, our digital identity solution. Companies can benefit of our platform and integrate it with the business applications.

WISeID combines in a unified offering:

  • End-User Services Portal: Users can conveniently manage their profiles, their digital identities and access to advanced features like document signing
  • Identity Provider and SSO service with 2FA: The WISeID Account system is compatible with OpenID Connect and enables SSO across websites and applications, supporting different authentication levels (username/password or dual-factor authentication with OTP or digital certificate). Corporate applications can be adapted to benefit of this feature
  • Document Signature service: WISeID Users can use a built-in capability to sign documents, with an extremely easy service to send documents to other WISeID users for signature
  • Advanced Mobile Applications Suite. WISeID Apps allows users to easily manage their identity, organize confidential information, digitally sign documents, protect their communications…
  • Corporate Administrator Console: Administrators can manage the accounts of a group of users (employees or customers), setting identity and security profiles.

Technical characteristics

  • Modern and mobile friendly web interface
    REST API for integration with third-party applications
    Multi-Tenant, to allow delegated administration for your employees or customers
  • Support for multiple certificate templates, from basic S/MIME certificates to advanced certificates que Personal Information verification to ensure legal validity of digital signatures
  • Identity Provider with OpenID Connect support
  • PDF signature, fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat
  • Service delivered from WISeKey’s secure datacenters in Switzerland, ensuring privacy and sovereignty on the data