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Digital Identities

Public-key cryptography is fast becoming the foundation for online commerce and other applications that require security and authentication in an open network.

The widespread use of public-key cryptography requires a public-key infrastructure to publish and manage public-key values. Without a functioning infrastructure, public-key cryptography is only marginally more useful than traditional, secret-key cryptography.

For customers that intend to use many digital eIDs for financial transactions, securing email, authentication to web sites and other purposes, the CertifyID BlackBox product editions are the best choice.

Governments and countries are rapidly adopting eID cards as the most secure infrastructure for providing eGovernment services. WISeKey’s National Identity System and CertifyID Trust Centre Platform address the needs of such clients.

These unique Server eIDs enable secure communications with users and web sites and gives all the advantages of a normal eID with additional benefits:

  • optional hardware protection assurance using a secure device for key storage;
  • web site authentication and verification for customer assurance and protection;
  • establishment of secure communication channels for data protection and enhanced data privacy;

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Obtain your free secure email eID and start experiencing the benefits of eIDs today. This eID enables you to:

  • send signed messages thus ensuring message integrity and authenticity to your correspondents;
  • receive confidential information from any of your correspondents that only you can decrypt and read (you can send confidential information to fellow eID users);
  • increase security for your applications, replacing passwords with eID authentication protection.
  • hardware protection assurance using a secure device for key storage;
  • enhanced dual factor authentication protection with optional biometric protection;
  • insurance protection when engaging in financial transactions;
  • access to value added services required enhanced authentication;

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Corporate eID

Corporate eIDs enable enterprises to ensure customers and partners of the integrity and authenticity of the documents and messages that they receive from the enterprise. It is typically used for bulk signing and document retention purposes.