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Secure Elements

A rich offering of certified turnkey secure elements
built for the highest security standards.

Secure hardware-based cryptography modules and middleware.

Easy integration in any system

Hardware Level

  • Rich set of communication interfaces: NFC, I²C, SPI, USB…
  • Low cost industry standard or customized packages
  • Extended temperature ranges (-40° / +105°C)

Software Level (running in the Host)

  • Host-VaultIC communication Drivers
  • Host-VaultIC Secure Communication Channel
  • Middleware (PKCS#11, Windows CSP, embedded Linux)
  • C source code

Crypto and Security functions

  • Enc/Dec: AES, 3DES with FIPS approved modes of operation
  • Sign: DSA, ECDSA
  • Secure communication channel
  • Key Establishment
  • FIPS approved Random Number Generators

Product selector guides

Hardware Security NanoSeal
File System 2Kbits
Communication NFC-ISO15693, NDEF
Cryptography WISeCrypt
ECC Signature v B163
Open Detection v
One-Tap Authentication v
VaultiTrust Provisioning v
Packages Wafer, CSDisk, CSTop etc.
Operating Ranges [-40°C; +85°C]
Status Sampling
datasheet download
VaultIC184-Sigfox SE
Hardware Security CC EAL5+ level
Software, Security Sigfox Verified™
Communication I2C
AES128 v
VaultiTrust Provisioning v
Packages QFN20
Operating Ranges [1.62V; 5.5V]  [-40°C; +105°C]
Status Production
datasheet download
VaultIC183 VaultIC186 VaultIC155
Hardware Security CC EAL4+ level CC EAL4+ level CC EAL4+ level
File System 1.5KB 1.5KB 1.5KB
Communication I2C OWI NFC-ISO14443B, NDEF
Cryptography ECC up to 283 bits ECC up to 283 bits ECC up to 303 bits
Certificate v (+ Host Pub Key Mngt) v (+ Host Pub Key Mngt) v
Open Detection xxv
One-Tap Authentication xx
KeyPair Generation vvv
VaultiTrust Provisoning vvv
Packages Wafer, DFN6 Wafer, DFN6 Wafer, CSDisk, CSTop etc.
Operating Ranges [1,62V; 5,5V] [-40°C; +105°C] [1,62V; 5,5V] [-40°C; +105°C] [-40°C; +105°C]
Status Production Production Production
datasheet download datasheet download datasheet download
VaultIC420 & 460VaultIC405
Hardware Security CC EAL5+ CC EAL5+
Software, Security V1.2.14, FIPS140-2 CMVP L3 V1.0.1, FIPS140-2 CMVP L3
File System 32KB, 112KB 16KB
Communication ISO7816, I2C, SPI, USB, 8 GPIO I2C, SPI, USB, 5 GPIO
ECC 572 bits 572 bits
AES vv with GCM
Digest SHA-1 to 512 SHA-1 to 512
Message Authentication MAC, HMAC MAC, HMAC, GMAC
Secure Channel SCP03 SCP03
Key Agreement xECDH + KDF
Real Time Clock vx
KeyPair Generation vv
VaultiTrust Provisioning vv
Packages Wafer, Modules, SOIC8, QFN44 Wafer, SOIC8, QFN20
Operating Ranges [2.7V; 5.5V] [-40°C; +105°C] [2.7V; 5.5V] [-40°C; +105°C]
VaultIC420 datasheet download
VaultIC460 datasheet download
VaultIC405 datasheet download