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WISeKey, ON Semi, and Tatwah team up for “World’s First Secure Bluetooth 5 Beacon”

The three companies ally to respond to the pressing need for end-to-end security in the IoT value chain

Securing an Internet of Things deployment end-to-end can be a daunting task. Secure hardware, in particular, is a critical piece of IoT infrastructure, as the Internet of Things opens up data and devices to new security threats. A secure IoT ecosystem will create the conditions for sustainable new business models and efficient operations. The response is to combine end-to-end protection from silicon to cloud.

Partner Contributions to the end-to-end Secure Beacon

ON Semiconductor

The beacon employs ON Semiconductor’s 2.4GHz Bluetooth 5 transceiver, the RSL10.
This system on a chip (SoC) incorporates an Arm® Cortex® -M3 with an LPDSP32 DSP core. ON Semiconductor claims that it consumes the lowest standby and active power currently available.


WISekey provides technologies and services to secure from silicon to Cloud the Device digital identity and the data generated by the Beacon.

Root of Trust

WISeKey’s public key infrastructure (PKI), built around the WISeKey-OISTE Root of Trust, allows for the issuance of trusted digital identities for people, machines, and objects ensuring the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of transactions.

PKI As a Service

WISekey’s PKI Technologies enable Solutions Providers to focus on their core value, the Business Applications and delegate the Security backend tasks.

VaultIC407 Secure Element

The VaultIC407 is a tamper resistant microcontroller (MCU) that enables the beacon to safely store digital certificates and execute complex cryptographic algorithms to protect sensitive data.

The Secure Element provides FIPS 140-2 level 3 security mechanisms and a Common Criteria (CC) EAL5+ platform for sensor data integrity, secure asset tracking, and product authentication. WISeKey technologies are also used to perform a tight integration by using its libraries into the Bluetooth transceiver.


Tatwah develops and markets Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons with a large variety of form factors, embedding materials and functionalities for (almost) every requirement.

A demokit combining the Beacon and a mobile App will be available showcasing Secure Data in motion in Asset Tracking use case. For more information, please contact us.