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You Can vote this week in Geneva using the internet

This week, the Geneva citizens are Voting using the Internet with a technology developed by the Canton of Geneva with the assistance of HP and WISekey in 2001
On February the 8th 2009, the Geneva citizens approved with a 70.2% majority the inscription of internet voting in their Constitution. With this vote, they ended the internet voting pilot phase at the cantonal level, while it had already ended in 2007 at the federal level. The time of the internet voting rolling out in Switzerland has come. Several other cantons are currently working at drafting legal basis, in order to also be able to offer it to their citizens. Geneva is already working with different cantons interested in its system, which belongs to the State. The cantonal government and parliament said e-voting would help increase turnout and help Swiss expatriates to make their voices heard in political decisions. Trials with online voting have taken place since 2003 in the Geneva region, as well as in two other cantons. WISekey is promoting the use of Digital Identification technology for secure eVoting worldwide with several pilot projects in preparation around the world. We believe very soon eVoting will be as normal and popular as email or etax or ehealth.
WISeKey played a crucial role in securing the e-voting system to guarantee the secrecy of voting and to make sure that votes are not intercepted, modified, nor diverted, and to ensure that many other conditions of secrecy were fulfilled. WISeKey continues its partnership with the State of Geneva, performing critical secure software development, and delivering sensitive security services such as key generation and DigitalID management for each election. The success of the e-voting project in Geneva, prompted the Swiss Federal Government to continue this experiment at the federal level. Voting via the Internet is just one form of electronic voting (e-voting). Generally speaking, e-voting refers to both the electronic means of casting a vote and the electronic means of tabulating votes. Using this definition, many voting methods currently in use already qualify. The e-voting approach can also be implemented in other areas, such as general assembly eVoting, online voting for reality TV, ePols and many others voting activities which would be part of the new strategy to merge content with transaction capabilities. This way, a secure identity and voting infrastructure could be leveraged to enable advertising targeted around an individual’s profile through a community portal.

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