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WISeKey’s WISePhone Voice Encryption Service Awarded Telecom Service Status by Swiss Federal Office of Communications

WISeKey has attained Telecommunication Services Provider status under OFCOM, the Swiss Federal Office of Communications, allowing the company to deploy its mobile phone voice encryption solution, WISePhone. WISeKey launched WISePhone for Blackberry (including OSv7), iPhone (including iOS5), and Android, during the 2011 ITU Telecom World. WISePhone provides mobile phone security by encrypting voice communications anywhere in the world, even where eavesdropping is common. It is now launching a service which will enable organizations (small and large) and governments to use this technology without having to install expensive or complicated infrastructures.
WISeKey developed WISePhone knowing that interception technology exists, and is cheaper and more accessible than many expect. People, corporations and governments should understand the real dangers of voice communication interception and take necessary precautions against hacking, corporate espionage and cyber-terrorism.
“With WISePhone, people can be assured that their conversation is protected from prying ears, thanks to the high level of cryptography used. WISeKey uses its globally recognized digital security pedigree to make communications safe,” said Carlos Moreira, WISeKey CEO.
WISePhone is simple to use and extremely secure. No additional hardware is required for your phone. Your communications are secured with military-grade encryption, offering the same level of security used to secure government communications and financial transactions. WISePhone works with specific, widely-used Smartphones currently operating in today’s mobile environment, so there is no need to buy a special phone.
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About WISeKey
WISeKey, a leading Swiss e-security company, helps consumers and organizations secure their digital world by providing specialized technologies for identity management and authentication, securing people, objects, communications and transactions via a trusted platform, without compromising trust.

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