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WISeKey Unveils WISePhone 2 at Mobile World Congress 2013 Allowing Mobile Voice Encryption

Barcelona, 25.02.13 – WISePhone 2  was released today at the Mobile World Congress with a Social Telecom Service as WISeKey has attained Telecommunication Services Provider status in Switzerland under OFCOM, the Swiss Federal Office of Communications, allowing the company to deploy its mobile phone voice encryption solution.  WISePhone 2 is released  along with a new platform becoming the first Secure Social Telecom Provider for Social Communities on the Net allowing WISePhone 2 users to communicate among themselves as easy as with Social networks over 3G, 4G, EDGE or Wi-Fi using an Apple or Android Tablet or Smartphone devices.
The WISePhone 2 voice encryption solution and products have been initially designed and deployed for large user groups in public and private organizations mainly concerned with the dangers of voice communication interception, acting against hacking and corporate espionage.
With the combination of WISeID app and WISePhone™ 2, WISeKey is providing the technology and the ability for its users to  communicate freely and in total confidentially with their peers, family or friends, by voice, video and instant messaging, creating the first worldwide secure, encrypted and Trusted Social Network Telecom™ platform.
After the creation of an account, WISePhone 2 users will be given the opportunity to start connecting with their community and peers, which has no limitations of size or localization..
WIsePhone™2 provides its own client application available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, the platform goes even further on innovation by giving the possibility to interconnect users using different mobile or desktop applications supporting various encryption protocols. This unique feature creates an important differentiator factor enhancing WISePhone™2 positioning as a global Social Networks Telecom Provider.
Download WISePhone:
+41 22 594 30 00

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