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WISeKey Selected as one of the 2015 World Economic Forum Global Growth Partner at the New Champions meeting in China

Geneva, Switzerland; Dalian, China – September 9, 2015 – WISeKey, the leading Cybersecurity Company was selected by the World Economic Forum for its 2015 Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian. Since the global financial crisis, economies around the world have experienced lower growth in their productive capacity. Without technological progress, investment in productive capital and proactive responses to demographic shifts, the world will face a future of slow and imbalanced growth.
The WEF defines Global Growth Companies as “fast-growing companies with the potential to become global economic leaders. Drawn from a broad cross-section of industry sectors, Global Growth Companies share a track record of exceeding industry standards in revenue growth, promotion of innovative business practices and demonstration of leadership in corporate citizenship. GGC Partners are exceptionally committed to the mission of the World Economic Forum and contribute actively to the Forum’s projects and initiatives. Selection as a Global Growth Company provides companies with an opportunity to join the existing Global Growth Company community of over 380 enterprises worldwide. These companies contribute to the Forum’s meetings, projects and knowledge products, which in turn support them on their path to achieving responsible and sustainable growth.
WISeKey is viewed as a role model for innovative Cybersecurity technology aiming to protect infrastructures, objects, individuals, businesses and governments on the Internet. WISeKey was originally nominated as one of the founding members of the GGC community back in 2007 with already eight years of deep engagement with the Forum as a GGC Partner which includes partner of the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative PACI, one of the strongest cross-industry collaborative efforts at the Forum, partner of the WEF Cyber Resilience Initiative, Global Agenda Council on Illicit Trade and the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society During the past years, the Forum has provided an excellent platform for WISeKey and its Founder and CEO to exchange insights and practices with its multi stakeholders around the world, which has greatly accelerated our international growth and deployment.
WISeKey’s focus this year is on Cybersecurity and the global IoT Wearable’s Infrastructure and to find a new footing for the development of solutions to critical, unresolved issues in Root of Trusts, Identity Management, privacy, security, trust in the digital world and the Internet of Things. Said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey
It is estimated that the global wearable’s market will grow at an annual rate of 35% over the next five years.  The rapid growth of the number of connected devices is driving the shift from the current traditional mobile payment method to secure transactions from wearable devices using trusted communications and authentication technology. WISeKey’s trusted IoT Technology enables these wearable devices to safely connect and make secure payments and other transactions. Trust and Privacy are a serious concern for any large scale IoT deployment even when users and corporations take all precautions to secure their information, there are conditions beyond their control requiring strong authentication and encryption.  Current sophisticated hackers can now craft attacks with unprecedented sophistication and correlate information not just from traditional sources but also from different private sources, such as mobile phones, smart cars, smart home automation systems, intelligent cities etc as we have already 25 billion devices connected and 75 billion are slated to connect by 2020. With more than 70 percent of current IoT devices contain serious vulnerabilities.
The World Economic Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies was formed in 2007 to engage dynamic, high-growth companies which have the potential to be tomorrow’s industry leaders and to become a driving force of economic and social change.  The selected companies are:
About WISeKey
WISeKey is a leading global digital security solutions company. Working at the forefront of information cybersecurity, identity management, IoT and mobile software services, WISeKey’s mission is to facilitate the global growth of secure electronic transactions and is a World Economic Forum Global Growth Company.

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