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WISeKey Releases WISeID Special Edition App to Support its Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Provide One Billion Digital Identities by 2015

iphone_big_cgiNew York, September 20, 2011 – WISeKey pledged to provide identity management and the necessary transaction platform to enable a new approach of remittances and micro-credit initiatives. WISeKey Founder and CEO Carlos Moreira is in New York this week at the CGI Annual Meeting reporting to President Bill Clinton on the progress made on this project over the last five years.
WISeKey is announcing the release of the WISeID CGI Commitment Special Edition, with integrated ID federation, which allows individuals to automatically generate their WISeID (or secure digital identity) from a social network profile. Participation on the Internet requires maintenance of dozens of different username and password combinations, which are difficult to remember and present significant security flaws. The new WISeID CGI Special Edition can help manage account credentials and reinforce personal ownership of profile details.
WISeID helps individuals protect their personal identifiable information (PII), data which contains the unique identity, contact, and location details that can be traced back to a single person. The personal data in WISeID is stored securely. The WISeID system was designed as a set of online tools intended to empower people with secure and private digital identification, trusted so as to enable transactional application.
WISeKey, together with the OISTE Foundation, has committed “to reduce the gap between the new Digital Identification Divide in less developed countries and emerging economies by creating the infrastructure that will make a de-facto global digital identity community of 1 billion digital identity users while providing equitable and meaningful access to digital information technology,” including trusted services on the cloud.
The design of WISeID is in accordance with the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, which urges development of a high-level framework, and eventually, an interoperable “environment” for identification, authentication, and authorization during the course of online transactions. The White House has termed this environment the Identity Ecosystem. “I am delighted that we can support the growth of the Identity Ecosystem and reduce the new Digital Identification Divide through our involvement with the Clinton Initiative” said Carlos Moreira.
WISeID previously hit the top 5 iPhone apps in its category in the USA and is among the top utility apps worldwide.
Download the WISeID CGI Commitment Special Edition:

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