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WISeKey Releases WISeID 4.0 “Accountable Identity” with Face Recognition to Stay Digital Safe

Geneva – WISeKey is launching WISeID version 4.0 for iOS at a great time for Internet users to re-evaluate both the security and reliability of digital identities. WISeID can create an accountable identity from its personal data organizer, which securely stores private details such as account username and passwords, credit card numbers and access PINs. With the release of WISeID 4.0, the digital identity app is also offering face recognition and pattern recognition for access authentication.
WISeID can enhance the legitimacy of what we do and say online by providing accountable identities and protection from identity theft by safely managing passwords and social credentials in its encrypted vault. Following the recent revelation that social network account passwords were compromised and made public, WISeKey is emphasizing the need to use different and complex passwords for each account associated to an accountable identity.
The vault can be unlocked only using the user’s Master Password and/or defined pattern, with additional face recognition authentication protection. WISeID conveniently keeps passwords in one place and generates hard-to-crack ones, and safely synchs data between computers and devices over trusted clouds. With added UI enhancements and simple one-click website access, WISeID is a great choice for extra personal security.
When it comes to the extra minute or two added security measures will take, WISeKey advises it’s not a lot to spend when you consider the value of personal information. Complex passwords, encryption and using a password manager may seem like overkill, but in the world of data security, there is no such thing as too secure.
WISeID is available now on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OSX and Kindle,

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